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You Must Get Out of the Tribe

A note from for Monday December 1 2008

Welcome everyone to what is going to be an exciting month.

This month we're going to be focusing on getting you completely set up to help you attain your goals and intentions for 2009. We'll be calling on many of our best contributors to bring forward the information you're going to need for next year to be all you dream it can be.

We are well aware that the world's economic adjustments are going to have some impact, however, we believe that you have all that you need to rise way above the prevailing conditions. People with The Wealthy Attitude know that their individual mindset, and their ability to take inspired action pushes them well past the situations that "take out" most folks. In fact, you might as well announce loudly, "Bring It On".

We have an awesome week shaping up starting today. One of our favorite contributors, Jan Janzen, has written five "readers" that are being offered exclusively to you over the next five days.

Jan is a “classic” entrepreneur, coach, healer and author of two books including her latest release, Getting off the Merry-Go-Round - How to Create the Life You Want Without the Fear, Doubt and Guilt. You can order her book here:

You are going to love what she has to share this week. So, let's get started.

You Must Get Out of the Tribe
by Jan Janzen

Every single human being is born into the Tribe and inherits what I call “Tribal Mentality”. Tribal Mentality describes the set of beliefs you have picked up automatically from the Tribe. Richard Dawkins first described them as memes -- ideas that are repeated and passed on until they are believed and accepted by the masses. Most of these memes or Tribal Mentality beliefs are absolutely false, but as Lenin stated, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

For example, there are millions of Tribal Mentality beliefs about money that you have picked up from all of the propaganda and programming around money. “Money is hard to get.” “Money is hard to keep.” “Rich people are evil.” “Rich bitch.” “Dirty money.” “If I’m rich, everyone will take advantage of me.” These are just a few of the millions of Tribal Mentality beliefs, memes that you have automatically adopted. For every time you say you want more money in your life, I bet there will be a Tribal Mentality belief that deflects it or offsets it.

Tribal Mentality beliefs are insidious. We just accept them because they are part of our inheritance from the Tribe. How do you find out what Tribal Mentality beliefs are affecting you? Make a list of some of your most predominant beliefs around money, religion, sex, business, politics and health. Then note whether or not these beliefs are common, typical, standard or usual. Notice whether or not the majority of those beliefs are what everyone else believes. Note any beliefs where you stand out as different, provocative, controversial or even eccentric. The latter beliefs may very well be outside of Tribal Mentality beliefs. Those may be the most exciting beliefs you can have because they are what will change your circumstances, financial situation, relationships and health.

For example, as we near the end of the year, there will be Tribal Mentality customs that occur. People will celebrate the ending of the old year and the ringing in of the new. Many people will set their goals and intentions for 2009.

However, Tribal Mentality beliefs already are in place that state that 97% of people will forget those goals in the first week. The vast majority of people, despite all of their goal setting and intentions, will NEVER get what they want in 2009. That’s already been determined by the under-lying Tribal Mentality belief that most people never follow through, most people quit, the majority aren’t focused enough, determined enough, tenacious enough or courageous enough. We ALREADY know that. Yes?

Your decision to make is whether or not you will be part of the Tribe and accept the results, or will you step out of the Tribe; create a different belief and therefore a different result.

Tribal Mentality is what keeps you inside the box, in your comfort zone and broke, unhappy, single when you’d rather be married, and married when you would rather be single. It’s what keeps you fat, a victim, powerless and dumb.

Just note how many times you say something like: “It’s so hard to lose weight after 40. All nice men are either married or gay. I’m having a blonde moment. All new businesses struggle in the first year. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know. Teenagers are difficult. I have no time.”

Every single one of those statements is a Tribal Mentality belief that you have adopted and bought into. They are NOT true. They are beliefs that you have chosen at some level to agree with.

Look carefully at your beliefs. Decide whether or not you want to be part of the Tribe and if you don’t, then get out! The Tribe is broke, miserable, powerless and pathetic. It is on a collision course with disaster. The more people who wake up and get out of that mediocrity, poor me, victim way of thinking and believing can and will shift the Tribal Mentality beliefs from negative to positive, from poverty to abundance. It’s starting to happen already. The only question is whether you will stay part of the old Tribe and its way of thinking or join the new.

Jan is also President of Plexus Pink, an international network marketing company that is dedicated to healthy breasts for every woman. Check out what she’s doing at:

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