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Service IS the NEW Game!

A note from for Thursday January 15 2009

Hello again good folks and welcome to this fine Thursday.

Our readers this week have been inspiring some terrific conversations with subscribers who are seriously looking to build better businesses this year. I've been chatting with folks who are definitely keen to do whatever is necessary to ensure their success in these new economic times.

I expect that if you are reading this note, you are also looking for things that will help you be a more successful entrepreneur. Our contributor today has a very special message to share with you. You're going to like what Mitch has to share.

Service IS the NEW Game!
by Mitch Axelrod

From Chapter 7 of, The NEW Game of Business™(NEW Game Publishing):

Chant a NEW mantra: "Serve - Deliver - Serve Some More"

"In the new game, your service-ability determines your value. Serving is more than something you do. Serving is a way of being. You don't need a course IN service to be OF service."

The old linear model of marketing, sales and service is on life support.


You serve from first contact. You serve first, last, always.

Serving demonstrates leadership.

Serving builds high value relationships.

Serving wins the NEW Game of business.

Serving is a fundamental human motivation.

Serving is the driving force that propels business and commerce.

Serving is the why behind the what and how of work.

If you want to make an impact on people, serve them. If you want to demonstrate your value, serve them.

You want people to beat a path to your door? Scratch their ITCH for:
Information - provide the exact piece they need
Transportation - take them where they want to go
Communication - send messages that resonate with value
Help - others get what they want

I originally wrote "Scratch their ITCH" in 1990.

Today, I would amend it to "Scratch their WITCH":
If you want to stimulate activity, generate movementand attract qualified buyers...

Start by serving up your WISDOM.

You need new prospects for your product or service:
Serve every customer.

You want new business?
Serve every prospect.

Want to reduce your marketing expense and increase your market presence?
Serve every person in your target market.

You want a new job?
Serve every person who can hire you or recommend you.

When times are tough the tough....
Serve, deliver, and serve some more.

The telephone is still the most cost effective, personal communication medium.
Pick up the phone and...

Deliver value to somebody who will value it. Then ask her to send you to someone else to serve.
Marketing can help you reach and sort the buyers from the browsers.


The NEW NEW Game Mantra
Love -> Serve -> Deliver

Why isn't service-ability taught at every level of our education system? Serving is the bedrock of work in every form, and the foundation of every commercial transaction.

Yet, you'd be hard-pressed to find a course on how to be of service in high school or college. Even in the business community, there is woefully little training in how to BE OF SERVICE.

You don't need a course IN service to be OF service. The new game is a game of servant leadership.

Real game changers go beyond serve and deliver. They:

Love is compassion, an appreciation of the intrinsic value of a human being. When you treat people as beings, you connect with them at the highest level of human value.

You can serve without love. It's more rewarding to you and the person you serve to serve with love. How often are you served? How often are you served with love?

"How you do anything is how you do everything."(Cheri Huber)

Whatever you need or want right now, somebody else has it or can lead you to it.
How can you get it?
Serve, deliver and serve some more.

There is no shortage of people who want and need to be served.

You want to navigate smoothly through the NEW game?
You want to position yourself as the person of choice?
You want to give yourself the best chance to succeed?
Serve, deliver and serve some more.

Better yet, be a game changer.

Start today.

You're a player. You CAN change the game.

I'll meet you on the field.

Mitch - CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer™

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