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The Most Important Key To Prosperity

A note from for Monday March 23 2009

Hello there good folks and welcome to brand spanking shiny new week.

This week we're going to have a ton of fun. I've been rising in my awareness that, for us, you and I, there is no such thing as "the economy". there is only "your economy" and "my economy". It is really a personal thing.

From this point on in all of our communications we'll be acknowledging that we are all dealing with a "personal economy"

In support of this new position we've created a Special Report on how to develop a winning strategy to boost yourself to a whole new "economy". Just drop us an e-mail to and we'll send you your own copy of this timely report.

To get us kicked off on a neat tone for the week, we go to yet another new contributor to share with us.....

The Most Important Key To Prosperity
by Alan Tutt

There is a single key to prosperity, that will give you everything you ever wanted in life. This one key to prosperity will give you riches beyond your imagination, love without end, and perfect health well past the average age of mankind.

This key is not a secret, as just about every motivational speaker and business coach has presented the concept over and over again to a deaf audience. In fact, you yourself have probably been given this key many times in your life.

But have you listened? Have you taken the information to heart and made it an ongoing part of your life? Have you improved your skill to the point where 'excellence' is an apt description?

For that is the key secret to which all great people owe their greatness. To be excellent in something, whatever it is, is to be the one that is most sought after in that area.

Artists are a dime a dozen, but a great artist can command a premium for his/her artwork. A single work of great art can be sold for millions whereas a work of 'average' art is lucky to fetch $100.

In my field of photography, this is also the case. An average photographer who sells wedding photography can earn about $500 from an average wedding. A great photographer doing the same job can earn over $10,000, doing almost no additional work.

Musicians are the same in this regard. An average musician is lucky to be able to earn a living from live performances. Great musicians can earn $100,000 a night performing to sell-out crowds.

In business, the same key applies. An average accountant will earn $30,000 per year whereas a great accountant can earn over $300,000.

An average website may earn only $1000 per month, but a great website can earn over $10,000 per month.

An average car sells for about $15,000, but a great car sells for over $250,000.

The lesson here is that the better you are at what you do, the more you can sell it for. But this key works in other areas besides financial.

A person who have 'average' relationship skills will obtain a certain amount of happiness in a relationship. Someone with 'excellent' relationship skills will obtain much more happiness from the same relationship.

An average cook will enjoy the results of their efforts a certain amount. A great cook will obtain much more enjoyment from the foods they prepare.

Someone who has average skills in obtaining peace of mind will find that peace eluding them often. With skills that could be considered 'excellent', peace of mind would be a much more common experience.

Becoming excellent in what you do will reward you far beyond money, but will also reward you with love, happiness, peace of mind, and anything else you can imagine.

How to become excellent? That is the inevitable question that comes up next. That too is no secret, but is something that very few people want to acknowledge.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

But before you can practice, you have to know what excellence is. You have to know what you are practicing to obtain. To know the goal is the first step in reaching it.

For this, you usually want to seek out those who are considered excellent in the area that you wish to develop your own excellence.

A writer will want to consult with excellent writers.

A musician will want to rehearse with excellent musicians.

A teacher will want to learn from excellent teachers.

A salesperson will want to learn from excellent salespeople.

Someone wanting a cleaner house will want to learn from someone who is an excellent housekeeper.

Someone wanting more peace of mind will want to learn from someone who has an abundance of it.

Someone wanting a better relationship will want to learn from others who have great relationships.

And once you find an example to learn from, try to do what they do. In the process, you will learn what leads to excellence and eventually you will learn how to be excellent yourself, even in situations where your examples were never studied.

Becoming excellent takes time. It takes work. But the rewards are so out of proportion to the effort involved that you'd think that you found the gold mine.

Alan Tutt is the founder and owner of Power Keys Publishing, which specializes in producing books and audio programs focused on helping you empower yourself to create the lifestyle you desire.

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