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They Don't Erect Statues To Critics

A note from for Thursday March 26 2009

Hello there good folks and welcome to Thursday.

We've been blasted with a sneaky late winter spanking here and it looks like we're going to be spending time in what will be the continents largest inland sea for a fair chuck of the spring. As the photos of the floods come in I'll share some neat ones with you.

So far this week we've been having some great chats with some fine people who are taking very seriously the impact they are having on their "personal economy". They have brushed aside "the economy" and are putting all of their attention on what what they need to do to ensure that their "personal economy" is thriving, instead of just surviving.

Here at this desk we have been unashamedly saying that it is your "Wealthy Attitude" that will see you prosper in these times of opportunity. Unfortunately many people get "taken out" by allowing influences around them dictate their behaviors.

Our contributor today has a very powerful message indeed. Ron has long since proven that he is worth paying close attention to.

They Don't Erect Statues To Critics
by Ron LeGrand

The other day, Tish (my Executive Assistant) was showing me some stuff on the internet, and we came across a website operated by a guy who makes it his life's mission to criticize every real estate trainer on earth; except himself, of course.

I guess there are a lot of blogs and websites from people who somehow feel tearing down others makes them look better in the eyes of the reader. This crap is all over the internet, and yes, there's even some negative stuff about me I'm told. Of course, there always has been since Gore invented the internet. That's how long I've been around.

By the way, there are also some idiots saying nasty things about Billy Graham and even the Pope. I'm sure Jesus Christ is getting blasted somewhere on the World Wide Web.

I've been asked numerous times how I can handle criticism and where the strength comes from to keep it from affecting me, and actually, that's a good question because...

The Fear Of Criticism Is The Number One Reason Some People Choose Never To Get Started.

What a shame, too. Turning their back on a chance to grab the brass ring and actually do one important thing in their entire life that will be remembered after they're gone. All because they fear criticism.

It's so easy to confine yourself to a life of mediocrity, just getting by every day, passing through life as if it will never end and tomorrow will always be there. Never doing much to experience the thrill of the chase, the joy of victory and yes, even the agony of defeat.

It's easy to run from confrontation and live in a cocoon, feeling safe from predators because you have nothing or have done nothing that could cause a loss or any emotional stress.

It's ten times easier to be a weak, mushy pile of fat and muscle taking orders and remaining obedient to whomever shouts the loudest, with no mission or purpose except to survive...than it is to create an iron man mentality that can withstand the abuse and criticism constantly heaped on achievers by weak, jealous critics who need to get a life.

A strong mindset cannot be built on top of a foundation of low self-esteem. And that, my friends, is what I believe makes good folks worry more about criticism than lack of achievement...poor self-esteem.

If You Don't Think Much Of Yourself, The Easiest Thing To Do Is Let Others Think For You.

And that's exactly what you're doing if you care what the critics have to say. You're allowing your opinions to be controlled by someone who's got a bigger mouth and not afraid to use it. The supply of these folks is endless, so unfortunately, we can't stamp them out; we can only put up with them like we do roaches, rats, politicians, and other pests.

Here's the reality surrounding critics. You will likely never do business with them, give money to them, buy from them or sell to them, marry or procreate with them, take advice from or give advice to them or establish any kind or a meaningful relationship of any kind with them so...

Why Do You Give A Rat's Ass What They Have To Say?

If you take a look behind the scenes of any negative thinker or frequent critic, you will always discover one universal fact...

Their Life Sucks And They Want You To Join Them.

Positive people on an upwardly mobile track learn along the way that criticizing others serves no useful purpose except to diminish the complainer. If your life is full of movement and your days are occupied with taking action to achieve worthwhile goals in bite-size pieces, you won't have much time to be a critic. You'll be too busy with your own activities and the need will disappear for whatever self-serving benefits critics get from bad mouthing others.

I'm constantly being criticized by someone for something. I have been ever since I quit being a...Sheeple...and started working on leading instead of following.

Someone's always telling me how I should run my business differently or how to write or speak better or pick out better ties. One lady recently took the time to correct every single mistake she could find in a 16 page sales letter I wrote and proceeded to give me an English lesson on proper grammar.

I didn't have the heart to tell her the letter she critiqued had already produced sales in the seven figures before she got ahold of it. (I bet ahold was improperly used here.)

If she'd spend that same time getting yellow letters of her own out, she'd actually stand a good chance of getting paid, 'cause I sure didn't send her any money for her critique. On the other hand, I doubt she'd ever send the yellow letter because it's hand written and very unprofessional looking...which is exactly why it works.

Don't assume I don't welcome constructive criticism. I do. In fact, I ask for it frequently, and I am open to all of it. Then I take what I think is usable and discard the rest. But here's the point...I asked for it.

The worst thing you can do to bring attention to yourself is to start criticizing others. Oh, I guess you'll get attention alright, but not the kind you want.

Criticism Should Be Offered Only When Solicited.

A loud mouth won't win the day. One of the hardest things for some to learn is to shut their mouth and open their ears. Try this phrase before you become an unwanted critic.

I Have A Few Thoughts That Might Help If You're Interested.

Now, here's even a harder thing to master...

If They're Not Interested, Shut The Hell Up.

That one will take some serious practice on your part, but will work miracles if your goal is to carry on a conversation you look back on with pride for the way you conducted yourself.

Here's a little game you can play over the next 30 days. Carry a notepad with you, and every time you get in a conversation with someone, keep score as to whether they were a self-appointed critic or not. At the end of the 30 days, look back and see if the majority of the people you talk with were negative. If they were, maybe you should avoid as much contact as possible with them and spend more time with the people who don't have something bad to say with every other breath.

How can we trust critics? They're negative, nasty and boring. Who wants to be near them?

Look at me, I'm criticizing critics. Just goes to show you, even gurus aren't perfect. At least that's what my critics never let me forget.


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