Friday, March 13, 2009

You - Mankind - Pay Attention!

A note from for Friday March 13 2009

Hello there everyone and welcome to the weeks end, and what a week it has been.

We've focused on the theme of "Why" all week and as you are undoubtedly aware, we haven't even scratched the surface of the issue. We could spend months on this subject alone, and we sincerely hope that this small part we've played this week will propel you further to discover your own unique "Why".

As you know on Friday's we end the week with a video, and today is no different. On the theme of "Why" we reviewed a whole whack of offerings that touched on the issue, in fact, we could run a "Why" video every week and still not dent the number available.

We did however get up to 35,000 feet in our view and have selected one that we strongly feel touches every aspect of what we do, who we are, and "why" we are here. I think you'll enjoy what Michael Laitman has to say as he pronounces....

You - Mankind - Pay Attention!

Have an outstanding weekend, and consider deeply today's message. You'll be glad you did!

See you on Monday.

Take care,


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