Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Be That Miracle!

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Tuesday November 24, 2009

Good day all and I bid you welcome to this very amazing Tuesday.

Today I'm celebrating miracles. Our American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving in a few days, and yesterday I got to thinking once again of all the blessings I am thankful for. As I wandered through my day, chatting on the phone from my home office with a client two thousand miles away I was struck by some awesome realities.

I live in Canada, and just being here shows that I've won life's lottery.

I was talking on a telephone that operates over the internet (VOIP).

I left home for a meeting in one of the worlds best built SUV's

I got a call on my cellular telephone and was able to resolve an issue from the front seat of my truck.

I got to hear from a potential client, who has all kinds of issues. And every single one of them can be unquestionably resolved with the powers we already had sitting around the table.

I was able to buy Joyce a lovely dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant, and pay for it with a piece of plastic.

While she went to her Toastmasters meeting I was able to work on my laptop computer in the coffee shop and connect with my Twitter friends from around the world, send electronic mail, pay some bills, and read what some contributors sent me for The Daily Reader. I could go on and on, but you get my point.

Good grief folks, it is truly a miracle life that I live, and I am truly thankful for every single moment of it.

Now, how about you? Do you see that miracle that is your experience? Are you being the miracle? Our friend Catherine might just clear the path for you to...

Be That Miracle!
by Catherine Franz

You are a human being, right? You also believe you are either male or female, right? You also have other roles you play in your life, like mother, father, brother, sister, employee, employer, boss, manager, in-law -- and the list, I'm sure, goes on. But have you ever thought of yourself as a miracle. Not in the sense of your birth. Of course, that is a miracle. In the sense of your every day life. Do you walk around all day long and see yourself as a miracle worker?

If you did, just imagine how much taller you would stand, less rushed you would be, and how much fear you would live without. Well, sit straighter right now. Because you are. You are a miracle. You are a miracle worker, if you choose to be. You have been given that choice too.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of riding in the limo with Deepak Chopra, on his way to speak at the IONS conference in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia. And this was one of the topics that morning with everyone in the car. We tossed back and forth the characteristics of a miracle and all the other angles. Although it was just one of many interesting conversations I enjoyed that week, this one instantly changed my life.

When we got closer to the hotel, the car grew quiet except for the purring of the engine. Deepak was meditating, and I joyously recorded the wisdom of our conversation and all that was churning inside of me.

In big bold letters, "If I want to have a miracle, be that miracle," flowed from my pen. I stopped, stunned. I couldn't continue writing nor look up. Tears quietly rolled down my cheek. The message was so powerful it turned into a muffled sob. My skin tingled and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment even though I wasn't sure who, if anyone, was watching me.

A hand touched my shoulder. Our eyes met. The corners of Deepak's eyes were watery too. I knew in that instant he received the same message. No words were exchanged just a nod from him. Later that day, in his stage presentation, he discussed this event incognito.

The power of joined energy is a miracle. The power of our own energy is a miracle waiting for a decision to happen. It begins with our decision. We have the power of miracles.

Miracles take action. It takes generosity. It takes selfishness. It takes a second, a minute, or ten minutes. The bottom line is:

"If you want to have a miracle, be that miracle."

Since this beautiful moment of tying energy this same message, same wording, has repeated itself in a book, and other places. Even though they weren't as powerful as that moment when our eyes locked, it still shows that we need to hear it, be reminded of it, consistently until we decide to inherent it into our daily beliefs and life.

This message doesn't just work during the holiday season. It is there for our choice every waking moment. You are the tree that lives in the forest and help the forest be a forest. It is the tree that falls hard in the forest but gently ripples into the rest of the world.

The miracles you create in the check out line at the grocery store with people in front of you, behind you, and the cashier, are miracles. don't just wish for miracles. Be that miracle, everyday, every second, and it begins with a new way of looking at yourself. Be a miracle to yourself and let it ripple out. Stand tall, walk like the miracle you are. Let it touch everyone today, tomorrow, next year, and the year after.

The world is changing because of miracles. Be that miracle.

Catherine Franz, business and writing coach, resides in Virginia and is a syndicated columnist, radio producer, International speaker, and author. Ezines and other articles: www.abundancecenter.com

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