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Unlimited Possibility

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Quick Update: A few weeks ago we ran a series on "Social Media" and we received a bunch of delightful feedback, and one now rose above them all.

Yesterday I heard from two of our subscribers here at The Daily Reader who took advice and somewhat nervously opened Twitter accounts.

These two subscribers had been friends over 25 years ago and lost contact after one had moved. Then viola, within a week of opening their Twitter accounts and using their old nicknames as handles they re-discovered each other. And, get this, they are getting together next week for the American Thanksgiving holiday. Isn't that just grand?

Now, on with today's mission as Gail really highlights a world of...

Unlimited Possibility
by Gail Lynne Goodwin

We live the majority of our lives trying to fit into boxes that our society has created. We base our education, our friendships, our careers and the vast majority of our decisions on what is “expected”. What we believe may be possible gets pushed aside by what we believe is probable.

But what if you didn’t know any better? What if you believed in unlimited possibility?

What if you were an alien that just beamed onto Earth and you didn’t know the rules? What if you didn’t know the way things were done and you were free to create a solution to any problem or expand any opportunity? Chances are, you’d tap into your reservoir of creativity and create brand new solutions and possibilities.

This past week I had the incredible honor of interviewing Sir Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands- because I believed it was possible. Richard is the quintessential example of someone who lives his life believing anything is possible.

His company the Virgin Group, is one of the world’s most successful companies and is one of the most recognized global brands. He’s the only person in the world to have built eight different billion-dollar companies from scratch in eight different sectors.

He is the ultimate entrepreneur, an amazing success story, a mentor to millions and is using his success for the betterment of the planet not only through philanthropy but as a direct part of his everyday business.

He has been one of my personal heroes for quite some time. This meeting was something that was on my vision board for more than a year. Many thought that I was crazy to think that I could arrange this interview, but I was determined to make it happen. I believe anything is possible if we tap into our own creativity and determination.

If we give a child a heavy bucket of water and ask them to move it across the room one of several things may happen. Depending upon the child, some may try to lift the full bucket and spill it across the floor. Others will unsuccessfully try to lift it and give up. Some will just splash and play in the water and completely forget the task at hand.

But a select few will find another toy that holds water and scoop, walk and dump the water from one bucket to the next, until the bucket is light enough to move. One child may use a sponge to soak up the water and squeeze it out into the bucket across the room. Children will think of things that our logical mind might not even dream of- because they’re too naive to know that what they’re trying to do won’t work- and it does.

As Sir Richard says, ” What everyone tells you never to do, may just work- once.”

The next time you’re faced with a problem or an opportunity, I invite you to forget what you already know. Instead of simply listening to a so called “expert”, tap into you own inner wisdom and don’t automatically dismiss your idea as too crazy to work. Pretend that you don’t know any better and approach the problem with an open mind. Let go of all of your inner chatter that tells you why something won’t work.

- Look at the problem or opportunity and seek to understand it.

- Think of the obvious solutions-and throw them all away.

- Dig for the secret solution that’s hiding that you would normally dismiss as “too crazy” or “that will never work”, because there’s a good chance that it just might work (at least once).

Experience shows that when we let go of the pre-conceived thoughts and beliefs that we bring to the table, a world of opportunity opens unto us. The interesting thing is, that that world was there all along- and will open up when we choose to see it as viable.

So I invite you to cast off any limiting beliefs and sail with me into the world of unlimited possibility. I think you’ll find it’s a pretty cool place to play.

Gail Goodwin is a evolving as a significant contributor to those folks who are dedicated to living larger lives. You can get to know her much better at Inspire Me Today You'll be happy you did.

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