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The Uniqueness of Social Media

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We continue today with our theme of understanding social media. Like it or not folks, social media is here to stay, and today you'll learn a bit more about...

The Uniqueness of Social Media
by Frank F. Morgan

Wow the social media sites today have proven to be not only social but viral business. With the right strategies these sites can bring about enormous success for you, the user. However, if used wrong they will be nothing more than a dead end. We have all heard of these sites: Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (there are many more and more cropping up all the time), but collectively we use these sites to brand ourselves in that it allows us to socialize with people who for the most part think like we do.

To be most effective in your efforts to socialize you have to find like minded people for example twitter has a branch called twellow, this can be a tool that you use to find like minded people. So just starting out, as opposed to just trying to flood the market with useless garbage,redefine yourself. Meaning make yourself more presentable. Have objectives,provide resources especially if using these media sites for promotion of your marketing agenda. Let the community know that you have something valuable to offer.

Don't be afraid to share information,share ideas offer suggestions that may have worked for you. If you actually have some expertise in a certain area use that to stimulate a conversation with the masses. Do this enough and you will start to acquire a following,which is ultimately what you are after. Again this must be done consistently and often, we all know a one hit wonder does not last long. As my son told me once "slow and steady wins the race".

Contrary to what so many people think, these social sites are not the place for selling products,information or services. Almost daily I delete from my e-mail hordes of social hits trying to sell me something. Each time I say to myself, wow guys think about what you are doing, let me decide how and when I wish to venture off to a particular site or product. Yes I am watching my sites reading what things are posted,saving those that are interesting and really following those that seem to really have their act together. These that I follow with utmost reverence are those that are not trying to sell me anything. Ironically, although they are not trying to, they have indeed perked my interest enough to see exactly what they are doing.

Remember the social sites will only get more used as time progresses. A true entrepreneur will capitalize on the one true statement "you can catch more flies with honey",this person will be online filling the social sites with value,entertainment,stimulating content, not sales messages. Good luck to all.

Frank Morgan, author, and self-made entrepreneur of two plus decades has reaffirmed his mission of helping others to achieve that what they are seeking...Perhaps a change in mental makeup... http://www.FrankMorganOnline.com.

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