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Are You Ready?

A note from for Monday August 25 2008

And welcome this start of the last week of August.

Next week we are entering the most vibrant marketing season of the year, and many of you are clearly going to break records. The thing I love about this time of year is that no matter what the business year has been like so far, it can be completely caught up between Labor Day and the Xmas break.

But only if you are ready.

We get the week kicked off on this very subject by turning to an offering by one of our favorite contributors, Ms. Jan Janzen. I think you’ll like what she has to say.

Are You Ready?

By Jan Janzen

The other day while speaking to my dear friend Peter about what was happening in my life, he used a term that caught my attention. He said, "the issue Jan is IJR." I replied with "what the heck is IJR"? I thought maybe I had missed a new technology term while in Mexico. Quite simply, IJR stands for "Is Jan Ready?" The conversation after that question was fascinating, perhaps even relevant to what is going on in your life.

Have you noticed that sometimes you don't get what you want? You may have done your vision board, your God jar, your list of what you want in your life and it isn't showing up. You've read the books, done the workshops, and watched The Secret a dozen times.

However, after my conversation with Peter my latest question for my clients is: Are you ready? Ready for what you want, ready for what you are intending to manifest, ready for all the good things you know you deserve. Are you ready for a larger life, more money, a fabulous relationship, a terrific business, or a new home? Honestly, are you ready for the next step?

I bet that if you really look at what has happened to you over the last five years, life has been a fascinating journey. I know that over five years ago when I started writing this monthly newsletter, life was very different than what it looks like now. However, at the time as I was developing Women Empowering Women in the Vancouver area, I was very clear on my large vision for the empowerment of women. I knew what power women had that just needed focus, leadership and a clear vision to accomplish amazing things in the world. Yet at the same time, as things started to move towards that goal, something didn't feel right. Despite the success at the time, it just wasn't meant to happen. The market was ready, almost frothing at the mouth for it, but Jan wasn't ready. Women Empowering Women died a most untimely death because I didn't have what I needed to have to do what I dreamt of doing.

Lots of things happened in the meantime - a trip to South Africa that changed my life, a book released, another one now written, a serious relationship with an amazing man, and living in Mexico. And perhaps the most relevant to the journey is the very recent promotion to President of Plexus Pink, the network marketing company that is all about the empowerment of women.

What's fascinating is that I noticed the shift happen earlier this spring. It was like something inside of me clicked. Perhaps as I watched women, no more or less gifted or qualified than me, doing some pretty remarkable things. Maybe it was the blossoming of an ardent desire to find my voice on stage again. Perhaps it was a deep calling that powerful leadership is sorely needed in the world today. Something re-ignited that vision of empowering women. I don't know. I just know that one day, as much as I was arguing for a continued hiatus on the beaches of Mexico, the Universe was calling me to greater callings. I argued - more because I thought I should to just be sure there wasn't a mistake - but I also knew that I was ready.

You may or may not understand what I am describing. You may not yet have that longing in your soul to be larger than you currently are. You may still be wondering when that big picture for you is going to show up or if it even will. Perhaps you don't even want it to as you're in the "rest" phase I spoke about last month and you may even be hoping that rest phase doesn't end.

On the other hand, you could know exactly what I am talking about and you are well on your way. If that's the case, I bet there are some interesting emotions coming up for you. Fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and some trepidation along with the excitement and joy are usually a pretty common mix. Perhaps you are still arguing with the Universe about the calling and doubting whether or not you are ready.

Can I offer a few suggestions? If you aren't feeling a huge calling to some massive project or direction, then relax and enjoy where you are right now. If it's peaceful where you're at, then that's perfect. There is nothing wrong or bad with that. Just ask yourself honestly if you are blocking out a message or shutting out the voice.

If you are getting a message but don't know what to do about it as it doesn't appear particularly clear, there may be a critical step missing. Have you said YES to the Universe? Have you agreed and told the Universe that you are ready? Did you finish the enrollment process or do you still doubt, worry and need to be in control?

One of my clients decided recently to make a major shift in her lifestyle. Tired of the large overhead for a life that no longer suited, Paula and her husband put just about everything with a monthly price tag up for sale. Trailer, truck, horse and house all went on the block as they started looking at ways to simplify their life. However, she mentioned that she recently realized that she hadn't really said YES to selling the ranch. There weren't any nibbles on the property either although everything else had moved out of their life quite nicely. Once Paula and her husband got really clear that they were ready to let go of the ranch there was immediate activity. Real estate agents started calling and a flurry of interest appeared out of nowhere. Isn't that interesting? My client, appreciated that she was experiencing an IPR - Is Paula Ready moment?

The Universe doesn't force us to grow. It doesn't push us into situations that ensure our personal development. It doesn't hold us hostage to our Assignment for this lifetime. It merely provides the vehicles, opportunities, people and situations for us to show up. It promises us the support and guidance, direction and love but we have to take the first steps. We have to partner with the Universe - this isn't a dictatorship.

So have you partnered with the Universe or are you holding back? Have you said YES, I will do whatever it takes to be everything I am here to be? Are you willing to be open to a different vehicle or venue than you thought was most likely. Interestingly, three of my long-term clients discovered recently that what I saw for them very clearly more than a year ago has come full circle for the second time. The first time they started down the path I suggested, they pulled back, uncertain and afraid. Of course the Universe gave them the breathing room and continued to support them until they were ready the next time it showed up. Sure enough, all three of them are moving into amazing Assignments that are big, powerful, potentially lucrative and feel right for them at a soul level. Twelve months ago, 18 months ago, 24 months ago, they weren't ready. Today they are, and the Universe and I are celebrating their progress.

How can you get ready if you aren't but want to be? Look at what is really holding you back. Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of success? Is it showing up differently than you thought so there is some stubbornness or pride getting in the way? Are you feeling impatient? I know that I personally didn't want the responsibility, the commitment and the workload that goes with this Assignment...until now. Today as I am on a flight to Phoenix to the Home Office of Plexus Pink to spend the next few weeks, I am energized by the Assignment. I am constantly rising to the challenges with passion, feel a calmness despite the stress and am excited about the future. My vision for a powerful network of women is alive and strong. It is simply through a different vehicle than I would ever have thought. But I honestly didn't feel this way just 9 months ago.

So know that the Universe may be ready and you may not be or you may be ready and the Universe is still lining up the parties. Relax and continue to say YES. Do your part and I promise you the Universe will do its part. Just be sure you are doing your part 100% - nothing held back, no reserves for the "just in case it doesn't work" scenario. Give it your all and see what happens.

I've had a chance to watch a few minutes of the Olympics here and there over the last few weeks. There isn't an athlete in Bejiing right now that isn't giving it all they've got. They are living a dream, realizing the fruitage of a tremendous amount of hard work and coming to understand in a very practical way whether or not they were ready for that level of competition.

Right now, ask yourself if you're ready. Put your initial into the IJR question and then be honest with yourself. It may give you some critical answers about your life.

To your outrageous success,


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