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Triumphing Over Tough Times

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Welcome to the midweek point.

It seems that yesterday’s neat story tweaked a fair number of you. Thank you for the feedback folks.

I was having an awesome chat earlier this week with some of the members of our business team about the incredible dynamic of being able to pull together our whole year’s plan in the last four months of the year. We recognized that most people give up on the goals and intentions they set in January well before Easter even arrives. However, bright marketers clearly know that the Fall season is the most vibrant and dynamic of the entire year, and amazing things can happen if the right preparations and plans are employed.

Today’s offering from another new contributor to The Wealthy Attitude serves to help us do what needs to be done to help us stay “action” oriented. You’ll like what Della has to share.

Also, our friends over at the Daily Insight have an outstanding addition to our theme for the week.

"The Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." Vince Lombardi

Click here for their great addition to the day. http://dailyinsight.itstrue.ca

Triumphing Over Tough Times
By Della Menechella

Right now many people are facing tough times. Life as we once knew it has changed and we may find ourselves confronting situations we have never dealt with before.

While we might not be able to control things that are occurring in the world, we can control how we react to what is happening. Specifically, we can control how we use our minds and thoughts to get through difficult circumstances. The following are simple steps that will not only help you handle any challenges, but will allow you to move through them to achieve success.

Remember this too shall passSometimes when we are faced with tough times we feel as if they will never end. We can’t see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ to that time when our problems are resolved. It seems as if we will always have to deal with the difficulty. This can be a very negative attitude to adopt because it leads to a sense of hopelessness – why bother trying to change things because it won’t make a difference anyway. Now is the time to remember that, as with most things in life, this too shall pass. You will find another job, business will pick up, the pain and grief will subside. As you realize that this challenging time will be replaced by a brighter tomorrow, you will find it easier to take the necessary steps to resolve your situation.

Consider past successesOften when we are dealing with a difficult situation we develop amnesia about our past. Unless you are one of a privileged few, you have successfully overcome prior challenges in your life. Think about past events when you’ve been tougher than your problems. It will help you realize that deep within, you have the strength and fortitude to move beyond this demanding time.

Determine your personal success strategyAs you recall those times when you’ve triumphed over trouble, consider what strategies you used to accomplish it. Each of us has many successful strategies that we’ve used in our past. However, we often forget to pull out those strategies during those times that we can most benefit from them. Determine what worked for you before and apply those successful ideas now. You will find it much easier to handle any adversity you may be facing.

Handle day-to-day challenges, but envision your goal – When we go through difficult times it is easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of the situation and forget where we are headed. Take time out to envision what life will be like when the situation has reached a successful outcome. Handle the day-to-day details such as making follow-up phone calls, finding new ways to market yourself or your business, solving daily problems, but always remind yourself of how things will look and feel when you are triumphant. This will provide you with the motivation to continue taking action and it will also help you maintain a positive attitude.

Find a support system When we are struggling with major challenges it is very difficult to consistently stay upbeat. We don’t get the position, we lose the sale, the expenses continue to pile up as the money gives out. This is the time when we need others to help us remain focused and optimistic.

Call a confidante who can see the bright side when you can’t. Talk to a trusted friend who will help you leave your ‘pity party’ and take action once again. There are times when even the strongest and most positive of us need others to help us navigate through the trials of trouble.

Focus on what is right in your lifeWhen we are confronted by problems it is very easy to let them control our perspective on life. We spend much time and energy focusing on what is wrong and very little time thinking about what is right. On a daily basis, come up with a list of things that are good in your life, things for which you can be grateful even as you travel this tough road. It will help you realize that even though the world may seem to be falling apart around you, you still have many positives in your life.

Follow these steps whenever you find yourself facing life’s bumps, detours, or valleys. They will not only help make the journey easier, but they will lead the way to your ultimate triumph.

Della Menechella is a speaker and trainer who helps organizations achieve greater success by improving the performance of their people. She is a contributing author to Thriving in the Midst of Change and the author of the videotape The Twelve Commandments of Goal Setting.

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