Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend Inspiration

A note from for Friday August 15 2008

Welcome to the week’s end.

We’ve had a ton of fun here with the topic of “action” this week.

In celebration of all the subscribers who shared notes with me this week, I dug into the files to put together a collage of great video offerings by someone who epitomizes “action” in every respect. The one and only Mr. Les Brown.

For three decades Les has been inspiring entrepreneurs all over the world, and has attained the vaulted position of “Master” business dude. We here at The Wealthy Attitude celebrate this great contributor by sharing with you three short offerings that will delight and inspire you.

Click here for: The Les Brown Page at The Wealthy Attitude

Our friends over at the Daily Insight are also wrapping up their week in like fashion. Check their offering here:

See you on Monday.

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