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How Willing Are You … Really?

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As we continue to build towards the most dynamic marketing season of the year for home-based entrepreneurs, we go to our regular genius Laurie Hayes to bring you an offering that is clearly worth spending time on. You’re going to like what she has to share.

How Willing Are You … Really?

By Laurie Hayes

Everything comes at a price — happiness, good health, wisdom, and a successful business.

For example, if you want to be truly happy, sometimes you have to walk away from people you love who drag you down or cause you pain.

If you want good health, you have to choose moderation and say no to some of the best tasting, yet most harmful foods on the planet. You have to be willing to get off the couch and get active even though your favorite actor is on the tube.

And in order to be wise, you have to be willing to immerse yourself in learning, reading, taking on challenges and looking at failure as an opportunity to learn instead of a measurement of your worth.
When you decide to become a business owner, your willingness to say ‘yes’ to certain things and ‘no’ to others will put you to the ultimate test as to how serious you really are about building the business of your dreams.

It is in the world of entrepreneurship that you will be tested to the limit in all areas of your life.

If you want to build your business into the success you envision it as, you must be willing to say ‘yes’ to some tough questions such as, “Am I willing to…

- give up old habits and create new ones
- invest in myself financially
- put myself in uncomfortable situations
- do things I’ve never done before
- get coaching
- ask for guidance and support
- be teachable and admit I don’t know it all
- study, read and attend seminars
- let go of limiting stories and beliefs
- release the past
- be embarrassed and rejected on occasion
- ride out the hard times
- refuse to be a victim
- take responsibility for every result I experience
- change friends if necessary
- move if necessary
- travel if necessary

You’ll probably agree, some decisions are tough and will be a true test of your commitment to achieve the level of success you’re seeking.

You’ll also discover as you learn and grow that no successful entrepreneur has tip-toed through the tulips to get to where they are. They’ve been knocked down, made difficult decisions, and battled some pretty scary internal demons in order to realize their dream.

They’ve been scared to death more times than they’d care to count — but they persevered and won.

If you’re willing to say ‘yes’ to those decisions that will move you in the direction of business success even though they cause butterflies in your stomach or shake you to your core, you create no option but to grow. And as you grow personally, your business grows and evolves with you.

As you envision your dream business, make a list of what will be required to achieve that dream.

Next, review each item and ask yourself if you’re willing to say ‘yes’ to it.

This brief exercise will give you a good indication of how you’ll do.

Laurie Hayes is the expert and visionary behind The HBB Confidential, a no-cost bi-weekly ezine for home-based business owners. Each issue delivers simple strategies you can use right away to build a profitable home business while creating fun and freedom in your life! Go to to learn more.

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