Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Weekend Consideration

A note from for the weekend.

I hope you're having an outstanding weekend.

We blew out of town for a couple of days and took in some of the rural lifestyle. As we didn't get very near to Internet service the Friday "video" didn't get out to you as planned. We had one picked out and ready to go, but thankfully the Universe had another plan and we've got one for you that is even more appropriate. A good chum of ours reminded us that we had this on file.

The video we originally selected has a fun message, but this one has that magic element to make you smile, and probably remember your own exhibitions.

Also, our good friends over at the "Daily Insight" have an awesome offering for you that ties up our theme from last week in a beautiful way. Thank you Matt. You can see their contribution here: Never Lose Sight of Your Goals

Our offering is right here: The Evolution Of Dance Try not smiling!

Folks, always remember, I deeply appreciate you.

Take care,

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