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Are You Out of Your Mind?

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Welcome to the midweek point, and what a point our contributor presents to us today.

One of our very favorite contributors, the one and only Jan Janzen, continues to strengthen her impact in the personal development world with the release of her new book, “Getting Off The Merry-Go-Round” How To Create the Live You Want Without the Fear, Doubt and Guilt. It’s going to prove to be one of her best creations.

Check out Jan and her books at www.janjanzen.com You’ll be glad you did. And don't forget to check out how our friends at Daily Insight are doing at this midweek point.

Jan offering today is highly worth your attention.

Are You Out of Your Mind?
by Jan Janzen

"You're out of your mind!" There was a time when I would have thought that comment was an insult - today I think of it as a compliment. I need to be "OUT" of my mind if I am going to accomplish what I want to do.

The moment we let our Conscious Mind rule our lives, we are in for problems. It's why you need to be "out of your mind" to create the life you really want. Let me explain.

Your Conscious Mind is like a nagging mother. Have you listened to it? It goes on and on and on like a stuck CD with the same discouraging thoughts. "Who do you think you are? Watch out! You can't do that! You're not good enough. You're bad. Something awful is going to happen. Be careful!" These are just a few of the more popular tracks the Conscious Mind likes to repeat constantly. How successful can you be with those disempowering messages playing repeatedly in your head?

So you need to be out of your mind. You need to go BEYOND the fear that is the dominant emotion of your Conscious Mind. Your Conscious Mind has heard the words, 'NO" and "Don't Do That" ever since you were born. The times you were told something negative has so outweighed the positive that your Conscious Mind automatically goes to the negative as the default. And why wouldn't it? That's been the programming. So to create positive changes in your life, you really need to be out of your mind.

Is it really possible to stop the nagging, the "mind frick" or the monkey mind? Is it possible to move past the fear? Absolutely! With what is going on in the world right now, you are probably very aware of the intensity of this emotion. Fear of what the future holds, fear of how you will manage, fear that it will get worse, fear you will lose everything, and fear that the problems will last much longer than you want are just some of the prevalent fears today. You could make yourself sick with fear and many people are.

The primary objective of your Conscious Mind is to keep you safe...period. It is not to make you rich, abundant, prosperous or even happy. It is to keep you safe. Anything that resonates as "not safe", your Conscious Mind will automatically dismiss as impossible and sabotage you every time.

The problem is that it is operating from programming that came from your parents and all of their issues, programming from your cultural upbringing and from what I call the Tribe. The Tribe is the general mainstream of people who are like cows going to slaughter. They just follow the leader to their death. They don't step out of the box, think for themselves or break the pattern. If the whole world is headed downstream, most people go along for the ride. They wouldn't dare dream of going upstream. But it is going against the current that is your only hope of salvation. It is moving out of the mainstream thinking that is imperative if you are going to create an amazing life for yourself. Otherwise, you will be like cattle headed to the slaughterhouse with all the rest.

So if you are panicking right now, worrying yourself sick, fretting about this and that, or in any way out of a place of peace, love, joy and abundance, stop and become an observer of what is going on in your head. Listen to the noise and start to dissect what is behind the ruckus. I bet that beneath the din of the constant nattering there are some fundamental beliefs that are absolutely false - although your Conscious Mind believes them 100%. But as Lenin stated, "a lie told often enough becomes the truth." That is the case with your Conscious Mind.

So ask yourself these questions and write down the answers which is a critical part of this exercise.

  1. What am I most worried about?
  2. What is the worst thing that could happen to me?
  3. What is my biggest fear?
  4. What would happen to me if my biggest fear came true?

Let's say for example you are most worried about money and finances. You write down that the worst thing that could happen to you is you could lose your job. The biggest fear is that you won't find another one. And if that happened, you would have to start your own business, reduce your expenses, look for work in another locale or in a different field of work. Are any of these reasons serious enough for you to be feeling sick, not sleeping at night or completely stressed out?

Problems present themselves and then amazingly enough solutions seem to manifest as well. Problem, solution, problem, solution, problem, solution. That pretty much is the pattern of life from what I can see.

It's when we buy into our Conscious Mind's fear spurred along by the Tribe's addiction to fear, that we can start to believe that THIS TIME around the problems are bigger than ever. Well if they are, then the solutions THIS TIME around will be bigger than ever. How exciting is that! Seriously, I am discovering in my life right now that big problems require big solutions and they manifest just like little solutions occur for little problems.

I am fascinated to see how all of this upheaval in the world is going to shake out. The United States may have a first for their President next month. A generation that has grown up spoilt and living off of credit way beyond their means may soon learn the value of a simple life. People may realize some core values in life that have been long buried. They may discover that a deep spiritual faith goes a long ways to holding them firm in tough times. We are in for some big shifts like we have never seen in our lifetime.

You have an amazing opportunity to be pillars in a potentially very different world. This is a wonderful opportunity to be the leader you are here to be. This is your time to really shine your light for others to see. Here's what you can do starting today.

Encourage others. Share your business opportunity with the financially concerned. Laugh daily. Give lots of hugs. Send positive thoughts out to the world. Focus on love, joy, peace and abundance. Stop watching CNN (Constantly Negative News).

Get out of your mind and into your heart. Move out of a place of fear and into a place of love, hope and faith. When you do that, you will be delighted how amazing your life can be.

To Your Outrageous Success!


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