Thursday, October 30, 2008

Men's Brain Women's Brain

A note from for Friday October 31 2008

Welcome once again to the end of an amazing Fall week.

The weather here in the Midwest has been exceptional. As you read this, my wife and I are on our road trip to Western Canada. The SUV is loaded with more than we will ever need. It looks like we are going on a three month safari, but, we do have options of what to wear.

I discovered, once again, that men and women approach the whole issue of packing, and what to pack, quite differently. We’re spending almost two weeks together, doing pretty much the same things, going to the same places, and seeing the same people. I look like I’m going to dude ranch, while my wife looks like she’s going to Paris. It’s going to be a hoot of a time.

Cowboy boots and lace, now that’s a picture.

Our friend Lynette in Winnipeg must have been reading the vibe yesterday. She sent us along a video that captured the whole enchilada in less than six minutes. You’re going to love this short video.

Men's Brain Women's Brain

We'll be working from "on the road" next week.

Have an awesome weekend.

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