Friday, October 24, 2008

A Brief Digression On Matters Of Lost Time!

Say hello to another fine Fall weekend

What a fun and enlightening week this has been. We’ve had tons of feedback about the Tony Robbins works we’ve presented, and everyone readily agrees that Tony has delivered big time on his life’s mission.

It is hugely heartwarming for us here to get feedback from folks who are taking 100% responsibility for their entire life experience, and declaring it amazingly empowering language. Way to go you folks, I deeply appreciate you.

To wrap up the week we’re presenting a video by someone you all, or at least most of you, have seen on your T.V. John Hodgman is a face that is instantly recognized, yet very few know the depth and intellect of this delightfully bright fellow.

Enjoy his outstanding TED talk. We’re happy to share it with you.

Also, make sure you click over and see how our friends over at Daily Insight are winding up their week.

John Hodgman: A Brief Digression On Matters Of Lost Time!

Have an awesome weekend.

See you on Monday


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