Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Strangest Secret

A note from for Friday October 3 2008

Welcome to the end of this amazing week. We got the Andy Andrew’s extravaganza wrapped up an a very high note. I got to have a day off (now that’s a hoot), and were going to wind up the week with some video’s from a true founder of the personal development movement.

Earl Nightingale has unquestionably served the world on some incredible ways. Anyone who has ever been touched by his most famous statement “We become what we think about” clearly knows the power of this mans words. His now very famous, “The Strangest Secret” still has only ever been heard by less that five percent of the entire population.

Now it’s your time to reflect on what this great contributor has to say to you as you hear “The Strangest Secret”.You'll see the video's here: The Strangest Secret

Have an outstanding weekend, and I’ll look forward to connecting with again on Monday.


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