Friday, December 3, 2010

How To Be Alone!

by Peter Comrie

Loneliness suggests a longing to be with another person. Aloneness can be a time to see who you are – you have an amazing opportunity to explore your independence and challenge yourself to do things on your own. It can be a valuable time of self-exploration and self-enhancement. With our inter-dependent world, aloneness might not last long, or at least not long enough, but it can be seen as a valuable opportunity.

This charming video pays tribute to the happy wholesomeness of being alone. Tanya Davis recites her poem about the ways of solitude, gently cataloging all the places where aloneness can bring freedom and healing. Whether at a lunch counter, park bench, mountain trail, or on the edge of a dance floor - all you have to do is love yourself enough, to love being alone.

You'll like what comes into your mind with this lovely piece.

Have an outstanding weekend.

I appreciate you all.


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