Saturday, December 18, 2010

Leadership in Musical Improvisation!

Posted by Peter Comrie

In the world unfolding today there are an amazing amount of leadership examples from which we each get to be inspired with, and learn from. Here's yet another outstanding example of how some very creative young fellows responded to something that would have put most down and out.

In October 2010, little-known New York City band, Atomic Tom, had their instruments stolen. But a little bit of bad luck wasn't going to stop these musicians from doing what they love.

Riding over the Manhattan Bridge on the B train, the band gave an impromptu performance of "Take Me Out"...using four iPhones to simulate the drums, guitars, and piano they had recently lost.

Now that is truly taking a sow's ear and turning it into a silk purse. Enjoy them.

Have a wonderful weekend, and make great music with whatever is at hand.

I appreciate you.


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