Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who You Are!

Posted by Marie Claire Bernards

Show me a day when the world wasn't new.
~ Sister Barbara Hance

The fastest way to happiness and peace is the absolute acceptance of WHO YOU ARE right in this moment. The nature of humanness is divinity. This is evident in many of the daily "miracles" of our existence: our body, the seasons, the supreme organization of the universe. We know this in our cells, our bones. There is a deep resonance to the truth that we are all connected, that divinity expresses ITSELF as us, exactly as we are.

The ego says, "Ok, you have the capacity to love and sure, you might be an expression of the divine, but until you get your spending under control, your weight under control, stop losing it with your kids, take one more class, get one more degree, stop being depressed, get a job, a lover, a clear complexion, be articulate, express your art, eliminate feeling awkward, etc... you are not going to have access to the secret, the happiness, the peace, the abundance, the ones, etc.." You see how this line of thinking does not allow for that very state you seek?

We start to follow a contemplative path, line of thinking or method in order to find that piece which will fit into the empty sucking place in ourselves that calls for more and aches about our flaws while keeping us from peace, money, love, and meaning. When we begin a dialog with ourselves about this, the Ego points to evidence in our daily lives to support all the ways our life is not working according to the our path, method, plan. The Ego will say, "Well, if you are divine, why did you just yell at your kids? Overspend? Eat those fries? Are still alone? Are thirty pounds overweight? I'm just asking. If you really are divine, why does your life look like it isn't working?"

Leonard Cohen, a poet, said, "Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. That's how the light gets in." This line illustrates the perfection in the imperfection. We ask for the divine light of illumination, evolution, beauty to shine on us and what we see that is brought into the light is our inadequacy. Our moments of "enlightenment" come when we are desperate and our current reactions to our experience in the world do not feed our souls. Don't separate yourself from yourself. My thinking here doesn't mean you don't take physical action towards your dreams and goals. I am asking you to love your pockmarks, your scars, your size, your inability to be articulate, your awkwardness and all your imperfections. Do not run from these very welts that are a part of you. Stop, turn and embrace your humanness, ALL OF IT. Nurture yourself. Get used to loving who you are right now, with no excuses, no conditions. Good. Breathe.

Your divinity and humanness are one. Trust that the Divine knew what it was doing by creating you, every moment of you.

Marie Claire is a teacher and intuitive consultant.

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