Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Synchronicity - Are You Where You Are Supposed to Be?

Posted by Eva Gregory

When I'm trusting and being myself, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.
~ Shakti Gawain

The door opens. The path is lit. A missing piece falls into your lap. The phone rings and the caller is someone you thought of just moments ago. The ever-famous "magic" parking spot opens up. I love it when I seem to just bump into someone I really want or need to see. What are the odds? There are 1,440 minutes in a day. What if I had walked a different route, took an extra minute to read my mail, veered left instead of right? There are 1,439 odds against me bumping into that person...if one goes simply by mathematical calculations. But why on earth would someone choose to do that?

Long before James Redfield wrote of the Celestine Prophecy and Celestine Vision, I held the belief that synchronicity in my life meant that I was on the right track on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, intentionally, physically, mentally. I still choose to believe this: the more synchronicity presents itself in my life, the more in line I am with my goals and desires. It's my equivalent of an ";Atta girl!"; from the Universe, saying, ";Listen up. Here's proof that we are bringing your desires to you. Furthermore, you are believing and behaving in a way that is helping us to help you!";

It calls to mind that quote from the movie Jerry Maguire: ";I am out here for you. You don't know what it's like to be me out here for you. Help me help you."; Can't you just hear the Universe whispering that in your ear? In fact, sometimes, it may be yelling at you to pay attention. Need money? Decide to donate a dollar into a Salvation Army jar. Go grocery shopping. Drop a quarter on the way to your car - and find an instant-win ticket for a $100 on the ground as you open your trunk. It happens, and the more in line we are with our vision of what we desire, the more it happens.

Those blessed moments of serendipity and happenstance are no accident. In fact, though Jung chose to relate them to 'meaningful coincidence', I maintain that there are no such things as coincidences. I find that when I hold clear intentions, a passion for what I desire, and the greater good for those concerned in mind and foremost in my heart - voila! - synchronicity.

We can take this a step further and categorize these synchronicities. There are single synchronicities which may be a one-time occurrence (notice I did not say chance encounter) or an occurrence that may repeat over a span of time. There are series of synchronicities - a succession of them, if you will - when a wake-up call may be needed to move things forward or drive a certain, meaningful point home. There are clusters of synchronicities, groups of them with varied layers of impact and intensity which educe a deeper, more spiritual understanding along with an awareness that the Universe will keep guiding you, perhaps pushing you, with those events as if to say: ";Follow this path. It is best";, until you do so. Love offers an easy way to clarify the above.

Single synchronicity (may repeat itself until you are where you are supposed to be): You know someone for a while, think little of it, bump into them at the gas station and wham. Something clicks and your eyes light up and you know this is now a kindred spirit. Or, as with series of synchronicities, they tend to repeat until we 'get it'.

For instance, ten years ago you met someone you chatted and found you had a few friends and a career in common. You clicked, but the timing seems off or you are otherwise encumbered. Five years later, you bumped into each other again. You remember each other. Time goes by. A year ago, you hit a bit of a rough patch you find strength in your circle of friends. Somehow, one of the circle's best friends happens to be the very same person you met way back when. Who knew? Now, the timing is right for both of you and you begin a relationship easily. This often leads to...

Series of synchronicities: It keeps happening. You bump into him/her... next, at the hardware store, then passing in the car, now at the supermarket, even walking down the street... but it keeps happening! Events and people seem to align to get the two of you in the same place so the relationship progresses.

Clusters of synchronicities: Same as above, but involving several with more intensity, more depth, more impact - usually centered around a particular theme. These add up to be more than a wake-up call or simple call to action they involve a deepening awareness and a true sense of ";this must be right it feels right forget whatever else I might have been thinking this is right";.

Some synchronicities can be simple, some seemingly against all odds (and we know that is irrelevant), but they add up in ways that may seem downright uncanny! Uncanny enough, that is, to make sure you are open, courageous, trusting, and receptive enough to get you to go with that flow and follow that path.

Eva Gregory is a Law of Attraction expert, speaker and author of several programs and books including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity.

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