Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cultures At The Edge Of the World!

A note from: for Friday April 18, 2008

Welcome to another typical week’s end.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the fourth month of delivering the “Daily Reader” in this new format. I wanted to say a hearty “thank you” to all who have shared your thoughts and recommendations with me since we re-launched in January. I deeply appreciate you.

As the format has developed we have settled into a pattern of having four “readers”, and one “video” to round out the week. The responses so far reflect that this pattern is one that most folks appreciate.

In that spirit, we wind up this week with another amazing video offering. One of our friends and long time supporters forwarded this offering to me earlier this week, (thank you kindly Brenda) and I wanted to share it with you immediately. While biding my patience till the weekend, I have re-visited this piece four times, simply because the language in so very beautiful.
With stunning photos and stories, National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis celebrates the diversity of the world's indigenous cultures, now disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. He argues passionately that we should be concerned not only for preserving the biosphere, but also the "ethnosphere" -- "the sum total of allthoughts and dreams, myths, ideas, inspirations, intuitions brought into being by the human imagination."

Give yourself the gift of 22 minutes to view this, and I promise you’ll feel very rewarded.


Enjoy this outstanding weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

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