Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stumbling on Happiness

A note from for Friday April 24 2008

Welcome to the end of the typical week.

As is now our normal practice, we present to you another amazing video to wind up the week.

Bestselling author of, Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert describes some surprising information about your happiness.

Gilbert describes a study where patients suffering from amnesia were asked to rank several paintings in the order they like them. They were then told they could keep a painting from the middle of their rankings. After the researchers left the room the patients quickly forgot about the whole encounter. When asked to rank the paintings again, however, they ranked the one they owned as being the best.

This means that our tastes are often sculpted by what we have available. As Gilbert points out, our psychological immune system can keep us happy even through depressing circumstances.

You’re going to like what he has to say.

Enjoy Stumbling on Happiness

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