Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's Up With Your To Do List?

A note from for Monday April 28 2008

Welcome to a brand spanking new and shining week.

To all of you who wrote on the weekend about what you derived from Friday's video offering, I thank you. Isn't it just wonderful to "stumble" on happiness? Certainly brings clarity to the quote, "You're as happy as you choose to be."

So, on that happy note, here's the deal for today, in fact, for the whole week, just to celebrate May arriving safely.

Our friend Laurie Santos lays out the rules.

What's Up With Your To Do List?

Here's a challenge: throw your "To Do" list out! I know you are thinking, "Did I just read what I think I read?" Yep, you sure did. Throw them all out!

Why in the world would I challenge you to throw out your coveted "To Do" List(s)? In one simple sentence: you are too attached to the list and not attached to the joys of life! Instead of walking through the world with a clear, relaxed mind, that "To Do" list(s) has become, well, yet another thing to do. Daily you are creating new tasks, chores, or items to scratch off the list, but have you checked-in with yourself to find out what would bring you the most joy right now in this very moment? Perhaps that should be item number one on your "To Do" list!

I'm one for saying that this "To Do" list that people think will bring them balance and keep them on-track actually keeps them out of balance and off-track. I believe such is the case because folks tend to beat themselves up if they don't check off every item or even worse, they continue to add items on the list all day long. How in the world can the list ever fully be completed if we keep piling more stuff onto it? If we are seeking a more calm, tranquil, fun, and joyous life, I think you would agree that the list tends to keep us "in stuck" and prevent us from just being; it keeps us in the "doing."

So, I am daring you to throw the list(s) out and I guarantee you that the big things that you feel need to get done will get accomplished and the little things, well they will get done, too, tomorrow or the next day or the day after that!

Join me and countless others by throwing out your lists today in an effort to live a more abundant, prosperous, fun, meaningful and balanced life!
To your success,

Life Coach Laurie, "The Extreme Dream Coach"

Today, forget the "doing", and enjoy your "being".

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