Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walk Your Talk - Or Just Keep Walking

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As is usual at this desk, I’m getting a whole bunch of feedback from our beloved home-based business entrepreneurs. This is the group of people who get my un-divided attention. They are my heroes.

Some conversations are going on out there about the frustration of dealing with people who don’t do what they say they are going to do. Yes my friends, it’s a fact of the home-business life. We must endure those very “special” people.

I go to some old truisms to cast a saving light to you. You’ll never be sick enough to help the sick, you’ll never be poor enough to help the poor, you’ll never be ignorant enough to help the ignorant. All you can ever do is rise above it all. It’s your choice, show up small, or, show up big. I opt for BIG.

Our good friend and home-based business pro, Laurie Hayes, offers you something that you may just want to spread around today. Have fun with the reactions.

Walk Your Talk- Or Just Keep Walking
by Laurie Hayes

Is it me or do the majority of people in this world feel that words are just meant to fill quiet spaces yet not really mean anything?

From friends to business associates to service providers and potential clients, it is rare to find people who put worth to their words and actually follow through on what they say they will do.
And when I meet people who actually do what they say they will and mean what they say, it's like a breath of fresh air and inspires me to hold on to them as friends, colleagues and business associates.

How many times has someone told you they would find the information you need and get back to you right away, yet were never heard from again?

How many people have promised to give you a contact or referral or a helpful resource for your business while schmoozing with you at a social function, but pitched your card into the trash as soon as they got home?

How many times has someone excitedly agreed to or offered to do something with or for you and although you've called them repeatedly to make arrangements, never return your call?

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who speak out of both sides of their mouth -- telling people what they think they want to hear, but with no meaning or intent behind the words.

The world is filled with fakes, opportunists and self-absorbed people who are more interested in hearing the sound of their own voice than putting quality into their words.

It's life. Accept it and use it to your advantage.

Integrity is one of the main pillars of success in life and business and when people know they can count on your word, you are elevated to a highly esteemed and valued position in their mind.

By simply following through on your promises, over-delivering on your agreements, and speaking from the heart instead of paying lip service, you can position yourself head and shoulders above the competition and be the person your clients rave about to their friends and colleagues.

Honesty, integrity and a genuine willingness to help others pay rich rewards not only in the form of profits, but in mutually rewarding relationships. When you help others, the universe also aligns itself to help you.

When you're authentic, the world is your oyster.

Practice these three simple rules and you'll be richly rewarded.

1. If you say you're going to do something, do it.

2. If you can't do it, follow-up by letting the other person know.

3. If you have no intention of doing something, don't offer it in the first place.Either walk your talk, or just keep walking …

Laurie Hayes, founder and director of The HBB Source, helps freedom seekers cross the bridge from employee to home-based entrepreneur. Subscribe to her FREE e-zine for valuable tips and resources designed to create business success, at

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