Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Success - There Is No Try

A note from for Thursday April 24 2008

Say hello to Thursday.

Next week we’ll be celebrating the end of 1/3rd of 2008!

“Egad”, he says, “1/3rd of the year gone by, and I’m not 1/3rd of the way to achieving my dreams and intentions for the year.”

Does this sound like something that you might just be saying to yourself?

Not to fret. The great part of it is that we still have a full 2/3rd’s to get the plan into full and complete fruition. But, we can’t dally!

So, no excuses.

Today’s offering may provide a compassionate “prod”.

Success: There Is No Try
By Dennis Harting

One of the quickest ways to change your life is to raise your standards. The concept of turning unacceptable behaviors into acceptable actions instantly lifts the level that one operates at. A main component of this is to accept responsibility for one's decisions, actions, and results.

To improve everything that you do, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as “try”. This simple statement is what gives people the option of not being successful. In any situation, there is only do or do not. Either the action was taken or it was not. To believe that there are any other options is to open oneself up to deflecting the responsibility. The statement “I'll try” pre-paves the way to offer up an alibi if questioned later.

The successful do not have this in their vocabulary. If one is going to climb the achievement ladder, then a commitment to success must be made. This is done by making a decision to be successful. For many, a true decision cuts off the possibility of any other outcome. Having a “try” mentality does not lead to the definitive action necessary for accomplishment. The more one commits to a positive outcome, the greater the likelihood that will be the result.

Picture in your mind what someone looks like when trying to do something. What are they doing? Is anything being accomplished? Certainly, effort is being exerted. There is some action taking place. However, nothing is really happening. Imagine that I am instructed to move a huge boulder that weighs thousands of pounds. I try to move it by pushing with all my might. For hours I exert effort until I am at the point of exhaustion. What have I done? My response can be that I “tried” to move the boulder. Nevertheless, a successful mindset tells me that I failed to move the object. I simply was unable to complete the task.

A “certain” mind is a powerful weapon. When one states “I will accomplish this”, tremendous forces begin to line up to assist in the completion of the task. People are drawn to others who have that clarity. They also appreciate that commitment. The more individuals see the persistence of another, the better the chance that others will get involved.

Problems are handled easier when one adopts this outlook. Cutting off the possibility of failure enlists the creative forces of the mind. It is amazing how many options one can amass when the absolute commitment to achievement is undertaken. “Trying” leads to a stagnant mind. The idea of offering the excuses for failure is already in motion. Instead of focusing upon a viable solution, the mind begins to concentrate on generating believable reasons for the incompletion. Incidentally, what we focus upon usually creates the results that we experience.

Taking responsibility for all what we do is what leads us to take responsibility for our lives. The talents that are within each of us are much greater than we believe. Also, holding ourselves to a higher standard of accomplishment, rather than excuses, leads to an improved life. Our entire existence is made up of a series of life circumstances. The better each situation, the more success we enjoy. Replacing “try” with the word “will” enables us to claim our power for success. There are incredible talents within each individual that are immediately brought to the forefront.

We move from excuse maker to producer.

Dennis Harting is the Head Coach at Your Rich Life. He is an acclaimed speaker, trainer, and best-selling author. His international best selling books include Your Easiest Million and The Ultimate Procrastination Handbook. He also has had thousands of articles published worldwide. His programs and more information can be found at:

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