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Conflicting Files Create Procrastination

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I have to say that I'm pleased as punch with the series that Jan has developed. For all of you "team leaders" who take your leadership seriously, you should be making sure that you get this information in everyone's hands as soon as you can. It'll help everyone get their goals and intentions for the year right on track.

So let's get right into Day 4 of "Procrastination Week".

Conflicting Files Create Procrastination
by Jan Janzen

You´re feeling safe about your goals. You´re talking about them with passion. You´ve got clarity. But it´s still not working for you. What else is stopping you? Another reason you may have procrastinated about your New Years Resolutions is because there are conflicting files in the subconscious mind that are sabotaging you. What exactly does that mean?

In working with hundreds of clients, I discovered that many people assume that the subconscious files have been neatly sorted out like California Closet has been through them. Red shoes are with the red outfits, ties are all color coded and sweaters are perfectly folded. Let me tell you, your subconscious mind looks more like dog food that has been through a blender and now you need to find three grains of rice! So know you are more complicated than you thought. However, you can sort through this and get what you want.

What do I mean by conflicting files? For example, you may have the file that wealth is a good thing that you very much desire. There may also be a file that wealthy people are ostentatious and pompous. Terms like “rich bitch”, “filthy lucre” or “dirty money” may be phrases you regularly use. Perhaps you remember yourself thinking “who does he think he is” as you see someone in an expensive car cut you off on the highway or take up two parking stalls at a crowded parking lot. You may feel resentment that just because the driver has money, he is obnoxious in his behavior. Do you see the conflict? You want money. However, that´s a little file that hasn´t been given any juice or charge. It´s just sitting there minding it´s own business. Then you have the file about money and obnoxiousness. That file brings up the emotions of resentment, anger and fear. There are a truckload of emotions, beliefs and programs attached to each one of those. Just around the emotion of fear, there may be the belief that you can´t be obnoxious, disliked or resented because it´s not safe when you aren´t liked.

Are you starting to see how one positive belief or file can be cancelled out by the emotions, beliefs and files of a conflicting belief? It´s quite fascinating how our subconscious mind really works and to understand why you aren´t getting what you want in your life.

What if you want to be in a relationship and one of your goals was to meet the love of your life in 2009? There are undoubtedly files around love, romance and sex, marriage and companionship that are positive. However, if you were sexually abused as a child, made to feel stupid by your parent of the opposite sex or betrayed by a partner that cheated on you, those files will have a charge that is right off the Richter scale. Remember, you need to feel safe and any one of those events or something equally as devastating in your life will send up red flags and wipe out any little charge that wanting to be in relationship has created.

Imagine that the New Years Resolution that you want to manifest is like a little fish in the ocean. It´s getting some strength but it is obviously not a big fish (or the predominant file in your subconscious mind) because otherwise you would have what you wanted already. So along comes the big fish that has had years to grow and get strong and literally swallows up that little fish that is your New Years Resolution. Many of the programs that will conflict with your goals for the year will have come from childhood and will have had years to be fed by supporting emotions and circumstances that will have strengthened the belief. That little fish doesn´t have a chance of surviving unless you take some specific action to help it grow and become the big fish.

How can you know the conflicting beliefs that are stopping you? It´s impossible to know them all but all you need is to have the heavier charge weighted on what you want. You can do this two ways.

1. Get clear on what you want, give it plenty of emotion and be sure it feels safe for you to have it.

2. Realize that if you aren´t manifesting your goal, you have beliefs that are counteracting it so start to observe your thoughts and words and start to let those beliefs go.

I´ll show you an easy way to let those beliefs go tomorrow. But start today by being aware of the conflicting files in your subconscious mind as you listen to yourself think and speak. Know you can manifest your New Years Resolutions but they will need to feel safe, have lots of emotion around them, be very clear and be the predominant file in your subconscious mind.

Jan is a “classic” entrepreneur, coach, healer and author of two books including her latest release, Getting off the Merry-Go-Round - How to Create the Life You Want Without the Fear, Doubt and Guilt. You can order her book here:

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