Friday, February 13, 2009

A Special Note to our West Coast friends

A special note from for Valentine's Weekend.

Hello good folks, I know you're not used to hearing from me on the weekend but this is important for any of you who hail from the Vancouver B.C., Seattle WA, in fact the whole West Coast.

Our friend Jan Janzen just informed me that there is a great event taking place in Vancouver B.C. on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February. Yes, next weekend!

Here's the scoop.

On Thursday Evening (the 19th) four of the planet's distinct "Peace" luminaries are holding a Prayer, Song, Drumming, and Dance event in Jericho Beach Park in Vancouver (See attached Poster). James Twyman, Rev. Michael Beckwith, As-Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi, and Leonard Howell are going to invoke your deepest love for the planet in an amazing way.

On Friday, Feb. 20, 7:00 pm at The Unity Church 5840 Oak Street, Vancouver, the wonderful James Twyman will hold The Peace Concert.

This is one of James most awe-inspiring activities and one that has been performed all over the world in pursuit of peace:

In 1995, James Twyman traveled through war torn Bosnia and Croatia performing The Peace Concert in refugee camps, on national television, and in the streets of Sarajevo, inspiring thousands of people to begin building a new reality for themselves based upon the ideals of non-violence.

In 1998 he was invited by the government of Iraq and Saddam Hussein himself to perform the prayers of peace at the Iraqi National Theater in Baghdad.

In 1999 he joined with leaders in South Africa, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in celebrating the end of Apartheid. While there Twyman performed a concert for the most infamous and violent gang leaders in Cape Town, initiating a dialogue that helped inspire peace in the townships.

You now have the opportunity to experience the Concert as millions of other people have.

And on Saturday, Feb. 21 from 10:00 am – 6 pm at the Masonic Hall, 1495 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC you can experience an amazing workshop: Fulfill your Soul’s Desire and Learn to Manifest from the Soul with World Renowned Author, Film Maker and Musician, James Twyman.

The Moses Code Workshop, is based on his New York Times Bestselling book and film, and is the way to truly manifest what your soul desires.

Through exercises, chants and group practices you will not only learn the fundamentals of The Code, but will be inspired to serve the world in ways you would never have before imagined.

Just some of what you will take away on this Awe Inspiring Day:

  • Discern the difference between the powers of manifestation present in the ego and the vastly more powerful manifestation process of the soul
  • Learn to Shift Attention from the Ego to the Soul when Manifesting
  • Experience practical tools to attract into your life your soul’s longing for peace, compassion and love
  • Join James in Chants and Song, using the 12 Peace Prayers of Major Religions of the World to Gain Universal Perspective on Peace and Unity
  • Apply all of the above learnings and experiences to become a Powerful Peacemaker in the New World

By registering for The Moses Code Workshop, you receive James’ Peace Concert, performed world wide for millions of people, absolutely FREE!

Reserve your place for the workshop on February 21st and the concert on the evening of the 20th. Register Today at

I strongly recommend that if you are Vancouver next weekend you'll want to attend these events. Have fun all and if you attend share back with us what your experiences are.

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