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Your 2009 Stimulus Plan is Approved!

A note from for Monday February 9 2009

Good day all and welcome to the start of Valentine's Week, and what a hoot it will be.

Undoubtedly you are going to be inundated with images and hints about what you should be doing for Valentine's Day. Here at The Wealthy Attitude we feel that this should be "your" week. A week where you appreciate yourself, honor yourself, and, may we suggest, love yourself.

To get the week started on a fine note, we go to our friend Philip Humbert as he sets forth an image of leadership in these very weird times that I believe you'll relate with. You may even see yourself within his example. Will you see yourself as a "winner"?

Your 2009 Stimulus Plan is Approved!
by Philip Humbert

I've been fascinated (and a bit disgusted) watching our "leaders" squabble over how much money they'll spend to "stimulate" us. Mary will tell you that as I watch the shenanigans that pass for "debate," I get plenty stimulated! Unfortunately, that sort of stimulation rarely leads to anything productive.

I have a better idea.

I believe the politicians are trying to do the right thing, and I wish them well. But I'm not willing to wait and I'm definitely not going to count on their generosity for my well-being! I've always believed my success is primarily up to me, in good times and in bad.

If you agree with that, let's get to work! Every crisis has winners and losers. Some people look at a crisis and become victims. They wait and wonder and hope for someone to make things betters. Others figure "if it's to be, it's up to me." They take action, find solutions and inevitably they emerge from even severe economic turmoil in a much stronger position.

In a crisis this severe, many things are beyond our individual control and we may all be battered and wounded. We may get kicked around or be knocked down, but I plan to survive and my intention is to thrive!

Here are four things I notice about the winners in life:

1. They Know Their Direction in Life. Winners are rarely lost or confused. They know their core values, they are clear about their priorities. They have found the "north star" that guides them and they keep moving forward. Not everyone takes the time to clarify their values and these people are "blown off-course" or "knocked down" when storms hit. Winners take time to ponder their values and set their priorities. They know their course in life and rarely lose their way.

2. They Have A Plan. Winners never settle for "hope" or even a "vision" of the future. They create blueprints and lists. Personally, I like the word "strategy." They know HOW they will achieve their goals. They know the steps, the resources and time it will take. Too many of us confuse "effort" with "progress." Winners never make that mistake. They have a well-designed plan and they follow it to the top.

3. They Have A Team. Winners know that successful people don't get there by themselves. Winners have coaches and partners, advisors, mentors, teachers and colleagues. At the very least, they have cheerleaders to celebrate their success and comfort them when they stumble. Winners know that bad things happen and they build alliances, networks and teams so they can triumph in tough times.

4. They Take Reasonable Risks. They take action. They invest and they follow-through. While others wonder "if it will work," winners jump in with both feet. They make decisions, they sign contracts, they take action and they "go for it." There are very few sure things in life and the winners know that sometimes you have to take a (reasonable) chance, try something new or be different to achieve more than average success.

If you want a stimulus plan in 2009, write your own! Eventually the politicians will decide what they think will work, and eventually it will get implemented, and eventually it will lift the economy and (hopefully) we'll all benefit. But no government "stimulus plan" will ever compare to using your own ideas and actions to create success RIGHT NOW!

Don't wait for "them" or for "someday!" Create and approve your own stimulus plan. Be sure it reflects your values. Take time to create a plan or blueprint, and check with your team to be sure people are with you. Then, take risks and go for it! I guarantee no government bail-out will ever be half as stimulating as creating the life you truly, always wanted!

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Hear, hear (or is that here, here ?) Phil ~ should be HEAR, HEAR (as in open ears)