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Why You Need to Get Emotional!

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Why You Need To Get Emotional!
by Jan Janzen

On a Richter scale of emotions, how emotional do you really get? It´s common to speak about emotions with words such as: “I was really upset, terribly angry, very depressed or deeply grieved”.

But what about being really excited, wildly exuberant or deeply contented? It is much more accepted in our society for us to talk about the negative emotions we are experiencing rather than the positive. But it is the positive emotions that fuel the files in the subconscious mind that you want to be the most prominent.

Let´s say that your New Years goal was to create a leveraged income of $10,000 per month. You wrote down something like: I create a leveraged income of $10,000 per month. How exciting is that? It´s not. There isn´t an emotion or a feeling linked to that statement. You may as well have said: “I will eat fish for dinner three times a week.” It´s very boring! There is no juice, no excitement, and no charge around a New Years Resolution that is boring.

On the other hand, if I wrote down: I create a leveraged income of $10,000 per month because I need that money so I can live in the Mexico for six months of the year. I can live in the sun and the warmth, be right on the ocean and wake up every day to the waves crashing on the beach in front of my condo. I´ll have a maid clean my home every week, I´ll have a weekly massage in house and I´ll eat at fine restaurants several times a week. I have the freedom both financially and time-wise to now learn how to boogie board, write the book I really want to write and spend time with the love of my life as we go for sunset walks along the beach, sip Margaritas from our deck and play cards laughing and playing together. I feel completely free, at peace, excited every morning that I wake up because I know that I have more than enough money to live the life I want.

How does that feel? That may not even be a goal for you but I bet there were some mental pictures that came up for you of a vacation you´ve had, a picture in a magazine you have seen, or a movie you´ve watched. You could “feel” this goal now at a cellular level. Big difference between just saying the one line statement and now describing with emotion what you are really looking for.

Think of your subconscious mind like a big filing cabinet with millions of files. If you keep on pulling out the same files time and time again, those files get worn, comfortable and you know exactly where they are in the filing cabinet. The files that your subconscious mind pulls consistently are the ones you constantly talk about or refer to.

So just think about the conversation around your New Years Resolutions. Have you even had one since January 1st? If you haven´t verbalized one thing about any of those goals, do you think they are a very prominent file? Nope! They will be one of the little files tucked away in the very back filing cabinet drawer, last file, never pulled out, long forgotten about.

The predominant files will be the ones you have had in the past which have produced exactly what you don´t want. Files such as: Who do you think you are? You can´t even produce $10,000 working income per month. You aren´t going to create a residual income of $10,000. You´re not that good at your job. You´re too lazy. You´re not smart enough, good enough, or hard-working enough to achieve what few people in the world achieve.

Those are the files that will go around and around in your head, producing exactly the same results you have always created and there will be no space for your New Years Resolutions to even get a foothold.

You need to get your goals charged up, juicy and exciting so they move from the last drawer, back of the file to right up front and prominent! You do that with emotion and by giving them airspace.

Think about a DJ who plays a new artist on the radio. If he only plays the song once, how famous would that artist become? Not very. But because he gives the song airplay constantly and consistently, people start to hear it over and over again; it grows on them and they start requesting it and buying it. The result? The artist becomes popular.

You need to do the same thing with your goals. Give them airplay. Talk about them. Share them. Be passionate about what you want. Visualize what life would be like when you have those goals. Pick up a travel magazine and read about the places you want to go to. Research what it would cost to live abroad. Talk to other authors if you want to write a book. Get those goals foremost in your life. Otherwise, of course they will die. There is no juice or charge to keep them alive.

Create a safe environment around your goals and now get excited about them. We´ll talk about the third issue tomorrow.

Jan is a “classic” entrepreneur, coach, healer and author of two books including her latest release, Getting off the Merry-Go-Round - How to Create the Life You Want Without the Fear, Doubt and Guilt. You can order her book here:

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