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How to Let Go of What You Don´t Want and Create What You Do Want!

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We wrap up Procrastination Week on a very powerful note.

How to Let Go of What You Don´t Want and Create What You Do Want!

by Jan Janzen

The last reason we are going to cover this week is that your affirmations do not resonate with you. What do I mean by that? Let´s say you are affirming wealth by saying something like, “I am wealthy”, “I have a million dollars in the bank” or “I deserve to have an abundance of money in my life”. What happens then? Every file in the subconscious mind will come forward to either support or reject that comment. So if you have a dominant file around deserving that is not positive, you will notice some resistance in the pit of your stomach when you say that affirmation. It´s like you can hear the voice say, “you don´t deserve a million dollars. Who do you think you are?”

If you want to use affirmations as part of your personal development journey, you need to create affirmations that resonate with you at a cellular level. So how can you do this with an affirmation? If saying, “I am wealthy” brings up a feeling of resistance or you notice negative thoughts popping into your head immediately, then that affirmation is dredging up the conflicting files. Not what you want. No wonder you won´t get what you want! You´re actually affirming the negative or the opposite.

You are looking for an affirmation that feels good to you at a deep soul level. For example, you may say, “I have a million dollars in the bank”, and then immediately hear the voice, “no you don´t” and have the emotion of hypocrisy, doubt or overwhelm sweep over you. Not a very positive charge. But if you say, “I am working on creating a million dollars”, then there may be little to no resistance.

An affirmation is simply a thought expressed either internally or verbally. Whether or not you think you “do affirmations” or not, you are constantly affirming what you are getting in your life just by being alive, thinking and speaking. So you can´t avoid the creation process even if you think you can. You are constantly creating – you just may not be creating what you want.

To let go of beliefs that don´t work, I was given this very easy process. But it comes with a warning. It only works if you use it. So if you are serious about having an amazing life, then know right now this is going to take some effort. However, it is well worth it. I know that personally. I went from homeless, almost bankrupt and lonely to living in Mexico in a beautiful condo, having an amazing career and spending my life with a wonderful partner. It didn´t take me decades to clear the negative programs out of my life although I was brainwashed in negative thinking for the first 38 years of my life. Although there was lots of deprogramming I needed to do, it took me a few short years. So know you can do, be or have what you want. You really can.

To release those negative programs, practice this daily: “I release at a DNA and cellular level the belief that”….and state your belief. Let it flow as it comes out of your mouth. It may be brief or you may find yourself having quite the dump of negative programming. When you feel complete, then say, “I KNOW in every cell of my body that I am”…and state what you know at some level to be the truth for you. I know this sounds silly but in the words of my earliest mentor, T. Harv Eker, you can either be right or you can be rich. So you can either feel silly or you can create an amazing life.

People pay me a lot of money to do this practice with them and then refer their friends to do the same thing with them…so it works. Yes, I can go deeper than you may be able to do at first but this works, plain and simple. I have healed people physically, emotionally, mentally and financially using this simple process. You need to clear out the programs that aren´t working and you need to affirm the ones that you want to be prominent.

Can you really create the life you want? Absolutely! But you may be procrastinating about your New Years Resolution because:

1. You aren´t really passionate about what you said you wanted.
2. You are afraid of getting what you really want.

By going through what I have suggested for you this week, you will have incredible clarity about why you have forgotten about your dreams, buried them in the back of the closet and decided to put up with mediocrity in some area of your life again!

I take the quality of my life very seriously and I suggest you do too. Put some effort into clearing the old negative files and reinforcing the positive ones that will help you manifest what you want. And if that feels like too much work, then that is the first program you need to get rid of. Creating an amazing life is much less work than struggling with a rotten one, being in a toxic relationship, dealing with health issues and being broke. Follow the directions I´ve given you this week. Do whatever it takes. Go ahead and create what you really want for your life. You´ll be very, very glad you did!

Jan is a “classic” entrepreneur, coach, healer and author of two books including her latest release, Getting off the Merry-Go-Round - How to Create the Life You Want Without the Fear, Doubt and Guilt. You can order her book here:

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Jan Janzen - Entrepreneur, Author & Coach

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