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The Laws of Attraction and Your Mindset

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The Laws of Attraction and Your Mindset
by Thomas Cummins

Imagine you are two years old you and you just received your first tricycle your excitement is overwhelming and so infectious it brings tears to the eyes of your folks as they watch you with such pride in their hearts. You are now 18 years old and are standing in line for your graduation certificate and once again your family as there with tears of pride for their wee lass or laddie. When you receive your first paycheck from your very first real job there is pride all around you.

"All mankind is divided into three classes:
those that are immovable,
those that are movable,
and those that move".
Benjamin Franklin

Develop and maintain the mindset that will always have you at the forefront of attraction because you are in the move groove. It does not matter if you are male or female, tall or short, plus size or slim size, as long as you are full of enthusiasm and willing to learn and then act on what you have been taught. For the correct mindset comes with a size that fits all.

There are no secrets that are being reserved for a select few, but there are preferred opportunities for the lass or laddie with the mindset to follow up on the attractions being presented to them. Decide that you are going to be the magnet that attracts and become the select preferred opportunist that has the determination to take the first step to action. Maintain a list of affirmations to reinforce you like a battery needs charging, you need daily affirmations to remain charged for there are always pitfalls and by being in the mindset you will seek solutions and not even miss your stride.

"Challenge each problem you face with purposeful thought and determined action. Resolve that 'every' situation you encounter will make you better, stronger, wiser, more skillful and more loving. " Steve Brunkhorst

Quotes like the above prove that there are no secrets, only wisdom ready to be shared for open minds, caring hearts and willing bodies. It is said that if you truly want to achieve then you have to believe. When you believe with God at your side you will be ready for all transactions. Success is not just measured in your ability to perform when everything is just magical, but also how you perform when the load is heavy and you are tired. The right mindset in difficult situations is the one where you have no problem in asking for help. It is always available, sometimes you may not like it but if you learn from this lesson then it was easy stuff.

The attractions do not come alone, they come with all the gifts you need to implement and enjoy them. The better the attraction the more gifts, the more resources, more wisdom becomes available for you to listen to and benefit from. Just like a good networking business, you are not alone.

The winning mindset conquers no matter the attractions, and that is no secret at all.

Thomas is an inspirational motivator who believes we all have it within us to change the results we may have become accustomed to accepting and by availing of resources both free and not we may change our success ratio.

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