Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Living in the Moment - Here and Now is All We Have

A note from for Thursday August 6, 2009

The forest fires here in The Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia are absolutely something to behold. What is even more outstanding is the way these communities have come together in support of everyone involved. Boy, the human spirit is awesome.

Read on below.

Here's some of the night activity from the weekend.

Welcome all to this amazing Thursday.

The local forest fires we have here in the valley serve, for me, a metaphor. These fires will eventually be extinguished, life will return to normal, and a whole new growth will occur. Now isn't that exactly what always happens?

No matter what is being served to you in your life right now, things will be extinguished, life will return to normal, and new growth will occur. Isn't that just magical. Keep smiling!

Another new contributor reminds us today that we should be....

Living in the Moment - Here and Now is All We Have
by Aaron Whiston

In our chaotic modern society, most people spend their entire life in a past that no longer exists or a future that may never be real. Regret, anxiety, and displacement through fantasy are the norm in most cultures at the time of this writing.

The result is rampant stress-related illness and death, a soaring suicide and depression rate, and the widespread feelings of loss and disconnection so many people can relate to. But take heart in knowing that life absolutely does not need to be this way on either the individual or collective levels!

The life experience is an incredible journey, filled with surprise, satisfaction, and expansion on all levels. All one needs to do is become aware of the present moment and sustain this awareness long-term.

When you learn to be still and accept what this moment has to offer, you find peace, clarity, spontaneous joy, and inspiration. These energies are always present, but you can't hear or connect with them over the clamor and chaos of your thought-driven reality.

Answer this question honestly:

Have you ever really solved any perceived problem by fretting over it and worrying constantly? More likely you make things worse when you do this.

Here's another one:

Have you ever successfully traveled backwards in time to alter an embarrassing past event? If so I urge you to contact the nearest scientific research facility immediately and set up an interview!

The truth, of course, is that you have never changed the past by obsessing over it. Wallowing in regret does nothing more than diminish your involvement in the present moment and deteriorate your overall enjoyment of life.

Right now, in this present moment, reality unfolds. We can remember the past and plan for the future, and there's nothing intrinsically wrong with doing so, but we can only live in the now.

At first, this sounds like some sort of work order or resignation to fact. But the opposite is true.

Embracing the present moment is the only way to live a truly exciting, refreshing life. Living in the now connects you with your true self and with the faculties of the higher consciousness.

You'll harness the powers of intuition and consistent inspiration when you immerse yourself in the present. In fact you will likely discover a completely new person within the self you thought you knew.

Being continuously aware of the moment also allows for full engagement in your relationships. Two people cannot fully connect when they are both lost in the world of past and/or future thinking. But when just one individual is clear and grounded in the now the entire relationship can obtain a more genuine quality.

And certainly if you have children in your care you will be doing them a wonderful service by teaching them to honor and live within the present moment. Day dreaming is a positive exercise in moderation, but today's youth are often mesmerized by hours of animated "entertainment" and thus severely disconnected from the real now.

All of humanity's hopes, dreams, and potential victories exist right here, right now, in this moment. Trying to hide our faces from our greatness or seeking to dwell in a state of past/future drama will only detract from our possible enlightenment, individually and as a society.

Right now is exactly what we have to work with. And it is brilliantly more than enough to achieve everything we could possibly desire.

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