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Life is “Now”

A note from for Tuesday August 18 2009

Good day to you all and welcome to a fine Tuesday.

This week has started off on an amazing note. Folks are excited about how business this coming Fall will unfold. Optimism in my personal circle is on a sustained rise, and there is a hint of a giggle in many voices I get to hear during my day. I just love it.

Today we get to hear from a new contributor as he clearly declares that....

Life is “Now”
by Andrew Thorn, PhD

I saw a billboard sign of the ‘Earth’ as I was driving home from the airport yesterday with the message, “Time To Live!”. It was intended to be a motivating. It also featured Randy Pausch, with the quotation, “wrote a book about living while dying.”

Of course, they were talking about his book, “The Last Lecture”.

Q. What Time Is It?
A. Now

This message troubles me. The book never would have been written if Randy had not discovered that he had pancreatic cancer. His motivation was to create something for his children, who are very young, so that they could know and remember him. He realized that he was going to die and he wanted to provide financially for them. So he wrote about his life and the lessons he had learned over the course of it.

It is obvious that he had learned many great lessons. I wonder though, if he realized that before he was told that he was going to die. I don’t think he did. I think, like the billboard said, he did not learn how to live, until he learned he was dying.

I think it is great that he learned this before he died, but unfortunately, it was too late for him to really benefit from this knowledge. It is true, that we may benefit from it, but he only really had about nine months to enjoy what he learned. I don’t want to wait until a doctor tells me I am dying to learn how to live. I want to live right now, in this very moment, right now. Then if I am granted another one, I will be aware of just how precious it really is.

Life Is Only A Moment

The truth is that I am dying, and so are you. We don’t know when it will be our turn, but the clock is ticking. From a larger point of view, we are only here for a moment. Sadly, much of our time is wasted on the unimportant. It is easy to take every good thing for granted and embellish every little trouble we have when it is our turn for the ill winds of life momentarily blow upon us.


Life passes us by. It is easy for us to get lost it what matter least. One day, each of us will have a moment when realize that it is over. Some of us will have time to ponder about that awareness like Randy did, but most of us will have only a moment of realization.

Today is the day to be what you have always wanted to be. Don’t wait for tomorrow - it may never come. This very moment is the most important moment you will ever have, because you may not ever get another one.

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to sit around and complain about how unfair it is, or are you going to look around and see how beautiful it is? I choose to find the beauty in life. I choose to live every moment - right here, right now. I hope you will do the same.

Live Today! Love Today!

Andrew is currently President and Chief Vision Officer of Telios Corporation and he is also an executive coach. He is very interested in getting to know the best you! You can reach him at: - 760-559-3548 Direct

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