Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So You Thing YOU Can Dance?

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Tuesday evening.

As one who has been touched deeply by watching friends deal with the ravages of cancer, I'm obligated to share every uplifting message I find in their memory. I miss them dearly and I know they are giggling to all get out with what is posted here.

Share this around. It must have legs. Oh, and do you really think you can dance? Let's see!

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1 comment:

Raven2012 said...

Dear Heart ~ truly a heart breakingly beautiful piece of art in one of its finest expressions . . . love the emotion spilling from those of position (judges & artists alike) ~ yes, we are all human in this vibration of witnessing trust here in its fullest form and how it may manifest ~ Bless your toes (and all other body parts) for sharing this special gift of art in our world.