Thursday, August 6, 2009

Theme from Time

A note from for Friday August 7, 2009

Good day there folks and welcome to the weeks end.

Our first week back from hiatus has been filled with awareness's that went deeper than we ever imagined. The feedback from many of our subscribers tells us that, even though the world is still in economic turmoil, personal leadership and responsibility are the overriding thoughts highest in many peoples minds.

Here in North America we are richly blessed with options that much of the world just do not get. We have business opportunities, learning opportunities, free libraries, incredibly inexpensive Internet access, healthy dialogue among ethnic groups, religious freedoms, and the cheapest food on the planet.

In fact, today would be a grand day to spend time and write yourself a list of all of your amazing blessings, and then spend the weekend in gratitude. Think about it!

To help bring clarity to your personal powers, and there associated responsibility, we present to you in our usual Friday video one of the worlds greatest voices as he narrates the theme from Time. You'll want to share this around.

Enjoy The Theme from Time.

See you on Monday

Take care.

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