Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Avoid Making a Decision!

A note from for Thursday May 8 2008

Say a big “aloha” to Thursday.

I just don’t know what was happening yesterday. It seems the decision making had “left the building”. Almost every single person I had to deal with had seemingly forgotten that “power” goes to the decisive.

I learned for my grandfather many years ago, that if we wait until all the ducks get in a row before we make a decision, it never happens. What we have to do is, make a decision, and then all the ducks get in a row. Seems pretty clear to me.

So, I thought I’d send out a guide showing how to avoid making a decision. I know you’ll all be sending this one around.

How to Avoid Making a Decision!

● Fail to recognize the need to make one.

● Resist change (seek security in sameness).

● Fail to adequately weigh the potential positive benefits.

● Create distractions (or situational chaos).

● Create conflict (or interpersonal chaos).

● Get lost in detail (compulsive control).

● Get lost in routine (structural control).

● Dump responsibility on others (actively shift the locus of control).

● Wait for permission (passively shift the locus of control).

● Hide in depression, i.e., “nothing will work” (deny locus of control).

● Escape into fantasy (avoid the limits of earthly existence).

● Wait for the perfect time (deny the shortness of life).

● Wait to perfect yourself (obsess on winning approval).

● Wait for all the possible information and alternatives to be considered.

● Deny your capacity to handle the consequences and demands of your decision (deny your abilities).

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