Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a Beautiful Mind!

A note from for Friday May 30 2008

Welcome to the typical week’s end.

The fun of this week’s theme has continued unabated with notes flying in from all over our subscribers world. My thanks go to all of you who felt inspired to share your “personal responsibility” messages.

To wind up the week we present a short video that I suspect will truly amaze you. I have long appreciated that those blessed individuals who live with autism vibrate with a resonance that most of us will never completely understand.

The young man featured in this week’s offering demonstrates a gift that should tell us all that there are things going on inside of us that transcends all consciousness. We’ll be talking more about this.

Enjoy this delightful presentation.

What A Beautiful Mind!

Just imagine what's in your very special mind over this weekend!

See you on Monday.

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