Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Three Words That Bring Happiness!

A note from for Friday May 16 2008

Welcome to the end of this “happiness” theme week.

Although we change themes next week, the subject of ‘happiness” never really ends for us. Frankly, it’s the only reason we are here.

In thinking of ways to wind up the week, I did a quick survey (totally unscientific) among some of our subscribers. I asked them what “words” made them feel the very happiest?

The responses covered the entire spectrum of language, however, three little words kept cropping up over and over and over. The words that make most people happiest are “I Love You”.

So, on that note, we offer a short video piece that adequately portrays the sentiment. Enjoy The Video Here (Turn up your speakers loud)

You should have "happied up" to level five today.

Take care

Have a "five fun" weekend.

See you on Monday

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