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Tools to Help You Focus and Concentrate on Your Goal

A note from for Monday May 5 2008

Welcome to yet another brand spanking new week in which to play.

I want to thank everyone who wrote over the weekend about the impact that Ben Dunlap’s had on you. I certainly contained an amazing message.

Now, here we are at the first full week of May, and with 2/3rds of the year left there isn’t time to dally. If you are going to fulfill the promises you made in January, you need to make sure that all is clearly in place to make them manifest.

We’re going to get started this week with a few personal tweaks that should assist you in staying focused.

Tools to Help You Focus and Concentrate on Your Goal

Even with the right mindset, there’s every chance that you still won’t be able to focus and concentrate on the matter at hand. If you wish to attain your objectives quickly and efficiently, you should consider getting a little outside help in a manner of speaking.

The Atmosphere Speaks for Itself

The best place to work depends on your mood, your personality, and the type of project you’re tasked to accomplish. In most cases, adequate space, clean surroundings, and peace and quiet are enough to get brain cells to work. Some people however may wish to work outdoors in order to obtain more inspiration. The right answer will always depend on what you want!

The Sound of Music

Music – regardless of whatever genre you prefer to listen to – has the power to make all distractions fade and allow you to focus and concentrate more on your intentions. Of course, your need for music may not be something that you could and should share to other people.

To avoid irritating other people, use earphones when listening to your favorite tunes.

Attend Workshops

There are lots of workshops and seminars being offered to help individuals improve their focus and concentration. If you have time and money to spare, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss as developing the ability to focus and concentrate in an instant will do wonders for your career!

Self-Study through Books

Of course, if you don’t have enough time to attend lectures about focus and concentration, you can always learn from books instead. There are lots of books, and e-books, out in the market today to help you better understand the mechanics of focus and concentration.

Taking a Bath

Soaking yourself in a soothing warm bath will not only refresh your body but your mind as well. It’s even more helpful if you do this a short time before you work. No matter what time you intend to work on your goal, as long as you take a bath prior to working, you’re sure to feel refreshed and energetic!

Don’t Work on an Empty Stomach

Sticking to your diet and keeping yourself half-starved is not an option when you have a goal to reach and a deadline to beat. Eat plenty and healthily before you start working and you’ll find it significantly easier to memorize things and analyze and solve problems.

Don’t Be Shy to Use Self-Affirmations

Self-affirmation sentences are sadly underestimated by many. Positive thinking can go a long way in helping your brain work better and longer. Don’t be shy of saying what you want and what you intend to be through self-affirmations. As you say these words to yourself repeatedly, your mind will unconsciously absorb it more and more until it becomes the truth for you!

Use Breathing Exercises

Lastly, learn how to breathe properly as this can help relax your mind and body better. Breathing exercises, when done properly, can get the stress and pressure out of your system in an instant, enabling you to focus on the issues at hand immediately.

Of course, having all the tools you need to improve your focus and concentration won’t be enough either if you don’t have the right mindset. It goes both ways so make sure that you’ve got the right tools and the right attitude before tackling any Herculean task at work!

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