Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Looking Forward To A Brand New Day

A note from peter@thewealthyattitude.com for Wednesday May 6 2008

Welcome to the midweek point.

Thank you all who wrote yesterday reflecting on adjusting your practices to make sure you reach your goals and intentions for 2008. Good for you folks.

We’ll continue the theme today with an offering that causes us to look at how we choose to function each and every day.

Looking Forward To A Brand New Day

How would you like to wake up and be able to shout, “Fantastic!”

Here is the ticket. You can do it. It is a matter of choice.

Every day, thousands of people choose to wake up to “another dull day.” Are you one of them? Or are you one of the few who looks forward to waking up on a brand new day?

Your choice will determine how your whole day will run. Under this circumstance, whichever you choose will make your day. Your choice will rebound to you until it is bedtime, and it might even go beyond.

In this case, wouldn’t it be logical and wise to choose every day as a day that you’d look forward to? Upon waking up, imagine that this is the day when you will welcome a guest you can’t wait to see and talk to.

How would you react if I tell you to treat each day as the day when you get to meet the world’s wealthiest person and learn all his secrets?

How about if this is the day you will meet a long lost friend, or partner whom you expect to be your soul mate?

How about if this is the date when you get to spend the whole day with somebody whom you admire in the whole wide world? Perhaps, meet Oprah, the Pope, Donald Trump, Madonna, Bill Gates, pick your choice!

Just the mere thought sounds exciting, isn’t it? That is just for starters. Here are other suggestions to keep you looking forward to a brand new day:

1. Relax and get a good night’s sleep. You cannot expect to have sun shiny day if you wake up grouchy, feeling tired, and beat as though you worked overtime without pay.

2. Ensure that you are physically comfortable. Be kind to yourself. This is a lifetime job for you. Proper diet and exercise are the basics and these are non-negotiable. Aspire for the ideal weight. Avoid lugging around extra pounds that rob you of well-rested back and feet.

3. Aspire for balance. Make the day challenging and enjoyable for yourself. Make your goals for the day achievable. Never write impossible goals. Do not spoil yourself or be comfortable with an unproductive day. Aim for fulfillment at the end of the day. Mini doses of fulfillment build confidence.

4. Somewhere along the day, there may be a task or two that you hate to do which forces you to procrastinate. Do not let these tasks ruin your day. Look at the tasks on a positive angle. Concentrate on the benefits you will enjoy if you complete these tasks early enough.

As a writer, there are days when I am not in the right mood to finish my articles. What motivates me is the thought of enjoying plenty of “play time” that I can spend after finishing several articles. Play times are spent with my loved ones, going to the movies, browsing through rows and rows of books, and so on.

5. Seek outside help when necessary. When a task is alien to you, it would be advisable to ask or hire someone familiar with it. This saves you time and eliminates frustration.

Knowing that you have friends whom you can rely on makes you look forward to another cheerful day.

When the day is through, savor the satisfaction of having accomplished the goals set for the day. Celebrate it by rewarding yourself with a nice modest dinner and a good night’s rest.

Before you doze off to slumber land, consider whom you would like to meet the following day and the things you would be doing for the next day. This sure beats dullness and boredom, and makes you look forward to a better day!

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