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Take Over - Personal Responsibility For Your Life

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I have definitely decided to continue this week’s theme right through next week also. The fun I’m having at this desk with some of your responses has me often rolling on the floor.

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Take Over - Personal Responsibility For Your Life
By Trevor Adheen

You must be grateful for all the things you have in life and was born with. But you should not stop there and be contented. You can use these assets to bring more, much more in your life by applying some diligent thought and dedication and enthusiasm to get there. You must be ready to maximize your life to the fullest by taking over personal responsibility of your life the way it is now and make it a thousand times better. And, the good thing is that you have the ability and capability to achieve this. It is in all of us.

Some call this new attitude the: Attitude of Gratitude which activates a universal principle called the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction states that by focusing the attention on the abundance you now posses in your life draw more abundance to you. We all have that gift. But, you must make it happen. Do not just wish it. You must use the assets you have and build on it.
The assets inside you are not things like family, friends, home, food etc. These are external to you. What you need to focus on is the internal assets deep inside. These are powerful forces to achieve more than you can imagine. It is sometimes called: Gratitude from the Inside-Out.

Do not beat yourself upside the head.

After you have taken over personal responsibility for where you are now, you must identify the abundant qualities you have within that are lying dormant that can address your self worth and awareness. We hate ourselves for not having the right mix of things to get going and we give up by not trying. Some call this the "The Voice, The Internal Critic" Do not look down upon yourself harshly when you want to make a better change. Look at the situation as someone giving you a bunch of seeds to plant but in the lot there are small ones, big ones, half rotted ones, but all in all, the seeds have germination capabilities which you later plant on fertile ground at various locations. Similarly, you approach this task of revamping yourself to move up to a higher level of achievement by sifting out the good things you have accomplished from a whole bunch of things that you have already accomplished and build upon them. In other words, you must look at the qualities that lie within you and re-visit them to see how you can make them more useful to improve your life, just the way you would take the seeds and replant them in fertile ground to get trees the bear plenty of top quality fruits.

This inside Search brings out the abundance in your life.

When you take this action it is sometimes called: Gratitude from the Inside-Out. It will strengthen you and motivate you with full enthusiasm to accomplish your desires, hopes and dreams that are hidden within you. If you do it passionately, it will manifest itself inside you that will make you grow beyond your wildest dreams. You rise above and get direct benefits over personal responsibility you have taken.

Here are some inherent gratitude components from the: “Gratitude from the Inside Out” category for which I take full responsibility but need to be revamped and improved upon:

You can rank these from 1 through 10 so you know the effort you must put in to get them to a higher level.

• My compassion for others
• A good listener
• I am caring
•Grateful for a strong mind and body.
• Thankful for being a good provider for my family

You need to manifest this list of personal attributes into your whole being using transformative energy so that this gratitude list can take root in your life and you prosper.

So, go ahead and make up your list and recite them aloud preferably in front of a mirror. Make a pledge to do this daily until you find you become one with each item on the list. This exercise can be very revealing of who you really are, not to mention, very moving and healing.

Here is what this Gratitude from the Inside Out List will do for you:

• Make the Law of Attraction work in your favor
• Bring Abundantly More in your life
• Removes and archives all Negative Internal Voices
• Reinforces your self esteem and capabilities
• Get to like yourself much better as you take over personal responsibility for your life.

The author is a Personal Development Counselor, PDC., and researcher in human behavior and herbal medicine. He has been helping people for over 30 years to maximize their true potential by conducting personal, and family counseling to those in need. He also promotes this service by making information products available on the internet through e-books, DVD's, CD's email courses, etc. You can visit his website at: to learn more about the "Ten Commandments of Self Improvement"

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