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The Blueprint for Success

A note from for Monday September 22 2008

Welcome to yet another brand spanking new week with which to make magic.

I'm very excited about what we're going to be doing for the next little while.

Today we get a great start with Part 2 of our friend Warren's launch of his great new program, The Inspired Science of Getting Rich. We're coming back together this evening with a great conference call to get the whole shebang off on an inspiring note. Here's the details. Come on a little before the top of the hour and let us warmly welcome you.

Monday 22nd September 2008

7:00pm EST (6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST)

Call into: 1-269-320-8400

Pin number: 215289#

Next, we're going to bring bringing you back our annual Andy Andrew's Seven Decisions. This has proven to be one of our most popular events, and doing it every year, we're caused to serve our subscribers in a very effective way. We'll be starting Andy's event on this coming Wednesday the 24th and it will run for seven days straight, weekend included. Each of the Seven Decisions will be in framed pdf format and ideal for printing out and getting up on your wall.

Tomorrow I'm going to send you a "Dear John" note that will certainly get your attention. You'll want to pay attention to it as soon as it arrives.

But now, let's get on with today's offering, and we go to our ever popular Philip Humbert to get the week off to an awesome start.

The Blueprint for Success
by Philip Humbert

Almost every week I get inquiries asking about the "secret" or "key" or the "solution" to success. Usually the caller has worked very hard and taken every action they can think of, but they remain frustrated with the results. They've "tried" and they've "set goals" or "read the books but nothing seems to change."

Sound familiar? We all know someone in that situation. Sometimes we know them all too personally!

I usually remind the caller of three "basics never change." The tried-and-true methods that have worked for millions of other people are not likely to change, and we can learn from that!

The first "basic" is to trust the basics! Too often we focus on living in the 21st century. We get caught up in the "rapid pace of change" and we think "everything" is new. Not so. Love, loyalty, friendship, vision, hard-work and ambition have not been re-invented, re-engineered or re-tooled for the new century. "Get rich quick" works about as well now as it did a hundred years ago! (Hint: It rarely works at all!) Success is the logical, predictable result of doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time. Remember the basics.

The second thing I tell them is the most basic truth of all: In the long-run, our success will never be bigger than we are. Small thinkers create small solutions. Big thinkers, big dreamers, big do-ers create much larger solutions, the kind we marvel at and call "outstanding!" As Jim Rohn told me almost 30 years ago, the first of the basics is to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Read the books. Attend the seminars. Hire a coach or work with an expert. Take notes and plan carefully. Study the methods, attitudes and tools that others have used to achieve success. As Tony Robbins says, "Success leaves clues!" Successful people love to teach others! They write books, they give lectures, they sponsor seminars. They will teach you!

If you want bigger, more impressive results, you must first become a bigger, more dynamic person.

The third thing I tell people who ask about the "secret" is the necessity for systems. A systematic (or a "scientific") approach beats random chance every time. Yes, there is the old joke that if a monkey typed long enough it would eventually write a book, but who has that much time!?

At the start of the football season we hear much about "game plans." Every team begins every game with a plan! What is your plan for the game of life?

Most people typically work on three to five goals at any given time, and each goal must have a detailed plan, and of course, the plan must be executed day by day. To build a house, you need a vision, usually a drawing of the finished home. But after the vision, you need PLANS! Blueprints are required by law because they are absolutely essential. They contain the specifics and the steps to build your dream home.

Every goal in life requires a plan or a system. I encourage my clients to plan every week on paper. Invest ten or twenty minutes to make a weekly list of projects, tasks, and prioritize them. Then, each morning before you jump into your day, make a plan for the day! Make sure "today" moves you in the direction you want to go.

This is basic. It's not new and it's not high-tech or sexy. It's basic. It's essential, and it pays rich dividends.

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