Friday, September 26, 2008

The Seven Decisions - Number 4

A note from for Saturday September 27 2008

Welcome to this fine early fall weekend.

I know, you’re not used to hearing from me on the weekend. As I mentioned in the past few days, we’re going right through the weekend presenting you with The Seven Decisions by our friend Andy Andrews.

As we go into the weekend I feel that today’s Decision (#4) is highly appropriate for your consideration. It proposes a very sincere question to us. What is it that your heart is decided on?

We’ve had quite a number of folks wanting to know where to get Andy’s materials, so click on the link below, and you’re good to go. Also make sure you sign up for Andy’s newsletter.

Follow this link and get your own copy of The Travelers Gift. I highly recommend it.

Here we go with Decision # 4

Andy Andrews
4. I Have A Decided Heart - My destiny is assured

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Knowing this to be true, I am taking my first step today. Criticism, condemnation, and complaint are creatures of the wind. They come and go on the wasted breathe of lesser beings and have no power over me. The power of control belongs to me.

Today I will exercise that power. My course has been charted. My destiny is assured. I have a decided Heart. I am passionate about my vision for the future. I will awaken every morning with an excitement about the new day and its opportunity for growth and change. I will freely give my vision for the future to others, and as they see the belief in my eyes, they will follow me. I will lay my head on my pillow at night happily exhausted, knowing that I have done everything within my power to move the mountains in my path. As I sleep, the same dream that dominates my waking hours will be with me in the dark.

Yes, I have a dream. It is a great dream, and I will never apologize for it. Neither will I ever let it go, for if I did, my life would be finished. My hopes, my passions, my vision for the future are my very existence. A person without a dream never had a dream come true. I have a decided heart. I will not wait. I am not timid. I will move now and not look back. I do not procrastinate. All my problems become smaller when I confront them. If I touch a thistle with caution, it will prick me, but if I grasp it boldly, its spines crumble into dust.

I will not wait!
I am passionate about my vision for the future!
My course has been charted!
My destiny assured!

I Have A Decided Heart!

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