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The Niggles

A note from for Thursday September 18 2008

Welcome to this very fine Thursday.

I’m especially excited about today’s offering as it’s the most recent from one of our very favorite contributor’s and good friend Brenda MacMillan.

Brenda is launching Full Quadrant in 2009 and the early buzz is that it’s going to have a major impact on the personal awareness marketplace. Stay tuned for updates early in the new year.

Brenda is currently preparing for a trip to Guatemala, and then she’s off to Bali for six months to complete some writing projects that are destined to turn some traditional thinking processes on their end.

When Brenda forwarded me her piece my first instinct was to sideline it as it was somewhat longer than we typically present to you. Then I read it all the way through, and it immediately became clear that you need to have it in all its unedited glory. You’ll see why.

The Niggles
by Brenda MacMillan

I saw a advertising piece by Canadian Tire that had a guy dressed in white puffy costume with “ mortgage “ written across his chest standing in between a couple and their aspirations of buying a new car ~ how astounding funny and accurate this marketing is. Every time the couple tried to go closer to the car . . . the mortgage guy would quickly stand in front of their go forward movements. The mortgage looking ever so sheepish and full of passive aggression as he peeks up at the couple out of the top of his eyes with a goofy face that says “ Hi, I’m here and really . . . don’t you love me just the same “ ? ~ It’s hilarious . . . well, it’s hilarious if you don’t have a mortgage, aren’t in debt and can freely buy a car, then and only then is it hilarious.

I suggest that there is what I prefer to call a “mind niggle” in between most people and the aspirations of greatness ~ no matter the desired objective. Here I outline & list my personal biases on this whole topic.

  • Once in adulthood we are all running our own show (life) and are fully responsible for the results obtained.
  • Ignorance is the source of most pain and there are always choices ~ that includes the choice of suffering.
  • We’re living in a time that offers fantastic materials & resources, by enumerable authors of great prominence, and a ton of new people that offer expertise for guidance.
  • I witness most people looking for answers outside of their own knowingness for relief of personal suffering.
  • Natural laws are operating all of the time. (attraction/detraction)
  • Resisting what IS offers more suffering.
  • Humour is always available.
  • Linguistics matter always. The vibration of the human voice and the human MIND is the beginning of everyone’s state of being and what is manifest in a life.

Okay . . . that said . . on to the Mind Niggles. Let’s acknowledge too that the choices being made along the way have ALL come from our collection of ideas and choices that we’ve been shown or taught by another person or situation. The lessons of abundance and/or scarcity all came from somewhere. None of us came here with the belief system downloaded into our small wriggling newly born spirit, mind body packages. . . that life was hard or easy. We don’t have body USB ports quite yet, however, we do make collections of data along the way.

I listened to a video the other day by Karen Armstrong where she stated that belief standards, in any paradigm are not the challenge we face. It is the behavioral choices we make, with the belief patterns we function with, that are the crux of the matter.

Fine ~ that makes sense. However, what if we are primarily operating on auto pilot and not aware or awake to the behavioral patterns we are in ? . . . What if the simple life conditions of any given person is of the mind that they don’t have choice in any or all situations ? (I have to take the kids to school don’t I ? ~ no you don’t; you could home school them and travel the world at the same time with the appropriate education and life style choices) ~ What if they think they want a difference in their lives and they just don’t know what to do next ? or the choices that may be available ?

Yes, we can seek guidance on choices ~ get new information. Yes, we can follow any ones guidance that is resonating with us as making sense to our life. What that other person can not do is relieve you from the present state of life conditions in which one is living. And when I say relieve, I mean fix. And when I say fix, I mean there is nothing that is broken in the first place. There is only what there is, as this life today is the culmination of all past actions and choices that have been made this far.

That’s not right, wrong, good or bad . . . it’s the residue of what has gone before. I’m not talking about whether something is working or not . . . I’m talking about the internal judgment that abounds around what is fully present right now ~ including that mind niggle.

Many before me have spoken at great length on the topic of it being necessary to embrace, acknowledge and stand empowered in the life one has right now and be an admiring witness to the bounty and beauty of it all. Easily said if abundance is what one has manifested. Not so easily said, acknowledge and embraced if a person THINKS that life is a struggle or a perceived uphill battle.

So . . . we eventually get ticked off with what is (rejecting our life and this is the big mistake) and we make a leap of faith seeking difference in a life. We’re shown and taught how to re-frame our thinking, our doing, our being, our having and holding and releasing of people, things and situations.

Yes, we’re very determined now . . . we may use affirmations (by example) like gauntlets of self empowering challenges to the universe shouting “ I live an abundant life “ ~ “money flows easily to me” . . . we shout from our toes with full emotion (with a smile too) the statement in the present tense (which we’re taught is appropriate) and with those statements of self endearment the mind niggles arrive. The self judgment, doubt, maybe some ordinary skepticism too with the mind monster niggles. The all pervasive mind chatter giant who sleeps rarely, “ Hi, I’m here and really . . . don’t you love me just the same “ ? says niggles.

The point ~ yeah, I’m finally there. I ask this of you . . . say the affirmation again and this time . . . put the word WHY in front of the statement. Yes, we say rather ~ “why do I live an abundant life “ ? ~ why does money flow easily to me “ ?

Feel the energy shift ~ can you feel it ? The mind niggles are gone. You are sitting in your own sweet juices of self examination. All of the information is now here and readily available as your own. It is you that holds the answers to the present state of affairs ~ all of it. And all of the answers are within. NOT from outside of you ~ from within ~ all of it.

There is a party & freedom here in this dear people. Yes, those that have their thinking in life as working well will truly self acknowledge and celebrate in those personal reflective moments of why indeed their life is abundant and why they truly hold the gratitude they do for all that has manifested. For most others . . . this is the cavern and great divide that must be processed & traveled before the guidance from outside of your body will have an affect. One must fully stand in the what IS, right now, in all of its goo and complexity and run the flag up the pole saying “yup, this is what I’ve built, these are the behavioral things I’ve chosen(this is what I’ve done) to get here now and I can see the wisdom/errors in how my choices have offered me THIS . . . and I’ve decided to build something different from this point forward”: One must dig deep to find the behavioral patterns of what one has been DOING to receive the results that have been received. Find and see those patterns, own them . . . yes ~ they are mine (not someone else's)

Without that stake in the ground ~ that claim on what is ~ the next step of asking for assistance (simple put) won’t work. Life will continue to be someone or some situations cause and affect . . . your power is gone given away from the beginning of the story. Know in your heart of hearts and truly in your brain . . . that nothing is broken and nothing needs to be fixed. The synchronicity of energetic patterning, natural laws and replication from one person to the next of behavioral patterns by the human is in motion. If one wishes something contrary to what most people are manifesting as a life ~ one needs to behave differently than most people. Oh-oh, the niggles might arrive at this juncture. The only thing that matters is what YOU think about your life with yourself and those that you love.

If one makes the choice . . . to truly own what is, no matter the story, no matter the picture show . . . this is the ticket to freedom. For moments when you are able to ~ just simply drop, in your mind, ideas of belief that have been around since you no longer can even remember where they came from . . . and see in your minds eye a different story if you want one. Just believe it is different if only for a moment, recognize that the behavior choices from now forward must match up with this the new thinking. If they don’t; nothing different will happen. Once this part of the work is done . . . guidance from those many choices of guidance will flow freely and easily into your sub-conscious as new conscious choices are discovered and made.

Be patient with yourself. You are not a light switch. It’s a 21 day journey of doing something repeatedly each and every day to form a new thought/behavioral pattern in the human ~ we know this much. Ask those around you to help by giving you nudges of recognition and accomplishment too. Hold your own personal celebrations in each step. Break open your heart to the knowingness that love of life and all of its gifts are yours already right now . . . even if today there is some awkwardness in how you are greeting them at the door and, more importantly ~ in your head.

Ask continually why something is working ~ be with that in your own spirit, mind body . . . build on that . . . the rest will fall away all on its own and all that is required will just show up vibrationally as natural law attests.

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