Thursday, September 11, 2008


Welcome to the week’s end, and what a week it has been.

The feedback this week has been wonderfully enlightening, and I thank you all who shared. Our friend Warren Wojnowski has given us an opportunity to present you with a sneak peak at his new program, The Inspired Science of Getting Rich, and we do it with a conference call on Monday the 15th. (see yesterday’s note) I’m so excited.

To round this week off I want to present to you a couple of video’s that feature an individual that unquestionably portrays The Wealthy Attitude. Chris Abani is certainly a man that is worthy of your valuable time. His messages will give you much to contemplate and consider, he will cause you to reflect, and he will definitely broaden your perspectives.

I do believe you’ll appreciate all he has to share with you.

Chris Abani “”Unstitched”

Also, check out how our friends over at Daily Insight are finishing up their week.

This weekend take time to thoroughly appreciate who you are. You are indeed special!

Take care,


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